Kazan tourism - tee Sha Chere Chiya park -

Located in the center of Kazan is the Dekadeka Park, which is the Tishacherechia Park (Парк Тысячелетия).。English name is Kazan Millennium Park。”Millennium”Is Millennium because it means "1000 years"。

Destination park、5-10 minutes walk from Tsugan Arubum general entertainment facility。Walk along the red line in the above figure。Since it's just a corner, there are a lot of things near the park, so I'll also introduce the surrounding areas.。

Now、And proceed to the left out of the north exit of Tsugan'arubumu entertainment complex、IT PARK hotel is there at the beginning of the intersection。It is reasonable hotel。This time we stayed here。Kind of dish is small but it was also felt good at the buffet breakfast。

And straight through the intersection and turn at the next intersection to the right。From there 2、Let's 3 minutes walk。

Entrance from the south side of the traveling direction so park on the left side comes into view。Here tee Sha Chere Chiya Park (Парк Тысячелетия)。Since there is almost no tall buildings in Kazan city does not have impaired the landscape 🙂

The basket hole is to the south of the park。2003Story of the construction cost, which was built in August year took $ 14 million。Like a facility for the name of street basketball。That said、It seems to be a multi-purpose indoor arena, which is also carried out volleyball and concerts。

The park had been planted a lot of flowers。Very cozy it seems properly are clean。cozy!

The fountain is there in the center of the park。Object of the cauldron in the middle has Russian word for cauldron that is also derived from the city name "KAZAN" motif。This "KAZAN" is to have been made by "(Jutland in the local language) Jiranto" creatures on the legend、It has been reported to have born the current Kazan city in that he had been buried in the ground "KAZAN" was boiling。Guy I ...... Well Frequently legend。

Image of there near the fountain Qol Ghali。This is the poet of 1200 around the Middle Ages Tatarstan。It seems to have left behind a great achievement as a poet of Muslim。The Russian has been established is a thing called Qol Ghali Award in 1992、It seems to be given to those excellent in poetry and literature。

His famous work is "Qíssai Yosıf (Tale of Yusuf)」。I wonder if it's Japanese to say "the story of Yusuf"? But I have never heard。

Finally, the park again Pasha! Biraiya Palace Hotel and the basket hole has entered successfully。Ah ~、Is a hotel that has entered in the photograph from just now I Biraiya Palace Hotel。High guy there that it is image above to the left。

Nijuni-bag lake look as soon as the exit from the main gate of the park west。Many people who are on a boat、It has become the entertainment spot。Now、Or let's go because there is a strange form of the building on the other side of the lake。

arrival! Theater or something Kamal theater。The name is derived from the playwright Galiaskar Kamal、1906Theater quite a long history, which was built in December。Kamal's is famous even in translation activities、The literature of the Russian has been said to be the pioneer that was translated into Tatarstan language。

Because too building square in front of it was going to be a picture taken at a different angle。It was some people are doing skateboard。

Campus of the Kazan Federal University is the next to the theater。The main building here of small because it is a short walk from here。

Now、Next time I think I try to introduce a night view of the place visited so far。



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