Kazan tourism - night view Hen

This time is a special feature on night views。It includes a little dusk。Kazan is a very beautiful city, so when you stop by, you definitely want to enjoy the night.。


◆ Kazan Kremlin

First from dusk。

Stunning blue and red gradients。Crucial mosque。My uncle is also taking pictures in front of me 🙂

Another one! It will be lit up properly!

Suyumbike Tower。This is also a superb view that can not be seen in the middle。Just when the lights started to turn on。You can see the Ferris wheel in the distance。

Get closer and get another one。There are quite a few people。

I killed time and waited for the night。From here it is a night view。

Crucial mosque with the night sky in the background。It's pure white!

This is also very beautiful。It's romantic ~ 😮

Of course the entrance is also lit up。The statue is orange。


◆ Kazanka River

The Kazanka River also shows a different face at night。Merry-go-round is open for business。And the shopping street on the right is shining。

Restaurant for lunch。The fountain is also beautiful。It's blue now、It also changes to red or yellow。There were many couples。

This is an agricultural temple。The building you saw when looking down from Kazan Kremlin。

Kazan Kremlin seen from the Kazanka River。Sorry for the poor image quality。You can see it in a very medieval landscape.。


◆ Baumann Street

At night, the center town also comes to life。This is the intersection of a shopping mall at the southern end of Baumann Street。Glitter。

Epifani Church will also be lit up。There are many people even at this time。


This is the end of the summer of sightseeing in Kazan。I will visit again from autumn to winter! До свидания!

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