Kazan tourism World Cultural Heritage "Bolghar" in ~ snow ① ~

Now、Where to visit this time Bolghar that has been registered as a World Cultural Heritage in 2014。Although in general I heard the place to go by ship、There is no sea for this season is to have frozen the Volga river。The ship does not appear to be operated only up to the end of October Unfortunately now the beginning of November。Because even if examined in the web site of the Japanese was not found other methods found a way to go somehow looking for the English page。Way it is to use the bus。By the way, the fact that out of the question because it around 15,000 yen one way and use a taxi。

I tried to always me for a street map。

If you go with the ship, but you will be starting from the Kazan River Port、In the case of bus from Kazan Bus Terminal。It is a distance walking from Kazan center。It is also possible to go by trolley bus from Tatarstan hotel before the bus stop。

Bus in the morning 8:00We booked back and forth on foot to the bus terminal on the night of the day before because that is starting to。Sure enough English is not through、It became to interact in Russian。Uneasy may need to mention the destination in advance in smartphone there is also the show the screen。「Fields (目的地):Bulgaria、Date (日 時):1/1You may if writing (the date you want to departure) утро (morning) "or。

I think that certainly the price was unusually cheap and 300 rubles。In the Japanese yen around 600 yen。It I'd take about one-way four hours travel time。

Microbus bus is that about the 10 people can ride the ride。What mind to Mercedes-Benz 😯

Here is Kazan Bus Terminal (Автобусный Вокзал)。Immediately after the case walk from Kazan city, which was passed under the underpass of the highway。And I wonder if there is no possibility that miss in the big。

The car of the bus。Let's obediently show so you are sure ticket when the ride。By the way, I came to check the ticket was the aunt, which is corresponding to when you purchase at the counter on the day before。

It should be noted、The days of the good if Kurere paid in cash at the time because I had forgotten round-trip ticket buying The trouble is that the ride on the way back When I talked to the driver。Since the exchange of up to this point has been difficult in Russian、Since the driver told me to start Google's voice translation app was able to communicate in English。Driver's clever!

Pass through the Kazan Federal University bus is starting。

City Center passing

You go out to the suburbs。The road there is familiar to those who came by taxi from the airport。

I went into the highway。Russia also seems the same there is a large building in the suburbs I do not know whether the university or hospital。It is cheap land prices

Softening of the stadium。

Arrival to the first through train station。Kazan south bus terminal。I initially thought whether I will ride from here to the bus、I stopped by Mendokusaku because it must Noritsuga the subway and bus。It is a good idea obediently ride from Kazan bus terminal!

1 bus stop。Landing is different for each destination。There is a Bolgar to four from the top。Starting after quite caught the earlier bus terminal。It has been attention to the driver and seemed There were apparently late the people 😛

Somehow taken because there was a supermarket on the way。

30Run about minute and a snowy field。Enjoy nature up next to the town。

Arrival to the next town。The town was fairly small and unlike Kazan。Kana feeling village or that town?

Mars over the brook。

We arrived traced to the Volga river。We are already running about two hours from riding the bus。

Break time in about 20 minutes from beyond the Volga river。Over was fun because it was fresh landscape I was also tired of me ride leave

There was a toilet。

Toilet is this written in Russian。Remember those who Russian can not be read by going to now go to Russia。

It had written me 10 rubles Once you have opened。I got out immediately because it has been found that it is paid。Then came aunt is to get out from in a later time。Whether I thought the guards there were。To a large extent I wonder I was free ...... or rather

Probably wonder if chain stores of meat for me Шашлычная is?

When the break is over again into the wilderness。

It has finally the weather is getting better and run for about a further 1 hour。It was anxiety cloudy。

Animal discovery of the wild。Perhaps ish has arrived in Bolgar region。

Bolgar city。In around here I went down a person little by little。And、One person myself was down in front Bolghar of final destination。It is released from was long bus ride 4 hours mood refreshing。


Next time will head to white mosque in exploring the Volga river near the Bolghar!

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