Kazan tourism World Cultural Heritage "Bolghar" in ~ snow ② ~

The end also was long bus journey、Tourism start of the future Bolghar。And bus driver tell the time of return、I was told to come back to the location down by the time。that? Try to keep listening to the time of return to be sure the driver because there are many be different from the opinions on the Internet in the early ...... Russia about three hours from information that was examined in advance。I'd not only tourism time of 2 hours or rather 😥

Bolghar entrance on the map the bus was stopped in。Town of Bolgar is very narrow、About 1km from the entrance of the ruins at the map to ruins。I write even in the article、There are only a distance of approximately 1.5km in about 15 minutes walk from the white mosque from the ruins。So it Maware enough even without taxi。To begin with I I have not run Nante this time taxi。

The building as soon as the get off the bus。Try to enter into the time being。

Something like a map of Bolghar。It seems white mosque is what is depicted at the bottom。Although、But we do know here is where a the on the map will be appreciated bewildering (now、You are here the place of the mark of the upper left corner of the building)。

Warm have heard heating is in。There is also a shop, but、Buy not because it was ethnic pottery products like a line-up。You can not buy because the earlier no one is indoors。That's appropriate

Toilet was also been features。But 10 rubles and pay-per-view。Indeed Russia。

This entrance gate of the front of the building?

I wrote I Kazase the ticket to the bar code、Nobody had the ticket center、そもそもタクシーがこのゲートの中で降ろされたんですけど…… もしかしたら夏季の観光シーズンには入場料取られるのかも? それか今はまだ無料でこれから有料にするための準備をしてるのかもね

Although we do not know well either in good or I went toward the place Rashiki the time being gate。

World Cultural Heritage Monument of UNESCO!

Are such of either English also shown is from the world heritage。By the way unkind map the current position does not know where it is。This place is No. 30 I know because it is now。Contact、It seems the tour bus arrived behind。

Also of like a monumental discovery。

that、Not'm Bolgar have written me "Burugaru"? In fact, this Bolgar seems to have called me Burugaru until 1991。Complicated。

The like had been from AD 8 century is positioned as Volga Bulgaria the capital of the Kingdom of between 15 century、It seems the natives Even now believes that capital here Bolgar。It would've been blessed to shipping because it is conveniently situated near the confluence of the Volga River and the Kama River。

Or let's proceed straight time being passed under the inside of the gate。

Again Tourist Map。It has been found view somehow map of because I walked a little on their own。

Although、Map already ruins ish is not so much necessary because only good if you walk towards over there because in sight。

It will head to like a dome。

Contact、toilet。Quite often because of yo without toilet of worry-up。

Tourists are!

The dome is obviously beautiful。Pattern that is apparently renovated in the 21st century。

Volga river! I very cold、Very refreshing! White as far as the eye can see the world!

The building of brown see in the distance the museum。The not enough a little time regardless of this time。Trying to tourism slowly when if came next time in the summer。

The downstream side。It is frozen in white。I mean not come by boat from this Well then Kazan。


Go ahead Alright Now that you enjoy the Volga river。Hectic because there are only tourist time of 2 hours 🙁

This is a large minaret。1800Those in the middle age was to restore what was destroyed by ground subsidence in 2000。Alarmist tower in what mind that this recovery is whether it has been restored while maintaining the historical value has been contested at the time of the World Heritage Site。

Skip but something has various written。

North of the Mausoleum (North Mausoleum)。Although originally it had been the mausoleum of Burugaru aristocracy、It seems to have also been used as a reservoir of the monastery。

Currently effective use in as the exhibition hall of the inscription。

Large roof building As you walk along the Volga river。

I wonder if the summer is doing Toka barbecue but something is obsolete To much?

House group of brick。

A small hut ice cream shop on the front。Or indeed now it is closed。

This series of building shop。Shiren be on the old man's doll also sell things of this bed。Here I bought a key chain。Russia I'm Keychain less I'm the type of magnet is often。

It has just tour members toward here。This is a pattern that would crowded if Ne proceed quickly ahead。

Splendid building and the Volga river along the shop proceed in the back。This is выставочный зал (Exhibition Hall)。But it is closed now。

Straight white mosque looks small on the other。There is no doubt in this time of the final destination of the White Mosque!

Pretty far it seems to be a look at zoom。

Map discovery! Do minutes a 15-minute walk to the white mosque。Roughly 1.5km。Likely in time for the departure time of the bus may not run if this。

Intently straight ahead the asphalt。

I never get lost because the destination is longer visible, but there is a branch。

Labeling of beef。Not observed at all sight of because it is winter cattle now。

It has finally approached in its own way。

The other Bolghar is Anna far。

Something well I do not know the guide plate。Anywhere in the building's Kore。

Gate I saw! Since the car came retreated to the sidewalk of the opposite lane。

By the way, sometimes it seems this is trash。Need not thing so as not littering。

Fuu arrival 😐 since turned fairly whirlwind、Much has not passed an hour up here。It somehow seems to be able to ensure tourism time of white mosque。


Next time into the white mosque。

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