Kazan tourism World Cultural Heritage "Bolghar" in ~ snow ③ ~

Finally winter of Kazan travel also final stage。Let's depression and to Bolghar of white mosque! Even so, it bothers Japanese to Nante Kazan travel to the time of the winter Naa would much myself(Lol)

Let's toward the white mosque proceed between the gate。

Here in the UNESCO World Heritage monuments。Even so, it's be built is quite magnificent monument

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization!! 略してUNESCO!!

Burugaru signboard was also here。It was already Miaki!

Another white mosque and after the monument is imminent。As completely white, which can be seen。As white mosque of the name。

The weather is unfortunately cloudy。11But knew hard to sunny because it is the month、Well this is suppose settle for Now that there is a quaint。It's what is says winter white mosque is amazing rare。But you can see if it is possible to look at other sites、Therefore we have visited in your spring or summer、Landscape, such as the Hay site you Raren seen in the middle people 😆

Even so, all the way flight from Japan only 20 hours (including transit time)。4 hours by bus。1 hour walk。Furthermore, since Considering that the bus enters the next morning stay time of Kazan, such much about 20 hours、In order to see this from Japan, it would take about 45 hours ......

It was far ......

Hut group of side-by-side over there is probably shop。Most tourists we have closed all whether such do not visit at this time。

Waiting had been over over! Cat's! ! But is the cat that always appear in Russia Attractions、Finally I was able to see in this Bolgar! !

Cafe sign of the back of the cat。It will do probably in Bolgar within the ruins。None be due because not a case of time-are relaxing。

Over which it had been closer to the feet I watched signboard! ! Moreover, a growing number something? ! Hey a Sugge cute Te Russian Cat Chikkoku! ! However、Not The times Kama' since there is no time。Toward the hurriedly To white mosque。

w I have been retrofitted with something

Arrived at the white mosque front。The inside of the front of the enclosure is not functioning and this time got frozen to complete I'm become a pond。That's spring Toka summer、Unfortunately Ne I'm very beautiful appearance of white Mosque and the sun in this pond is reflected

Once you have admired the white mosque was sitting on something feet。Ah、Do you want these guys bait。But I do not anything have 😥

It comes after all。Moreover, you will see a black cat that was in the beginning towards the two animals ...... right back?

We arrived at the entrance wonder if you put in during this time? ? A little anxiety

Ah、Or cafe that looks over there was the entrance。I guess that during business hours is that I have tentatively door open。

Zunzun will go ahead is overtaken by a cat when I look towards the cafe。'M me directions? Did you mean chip required pattern? 😕

Russian cat that sits down with Chokon in front of the entrance of the white mosque。Nothing I'm sorry ...... I do not have I want to give to give really food from me and directions 😥

It seems placed in Apparently I was the one anxiety placed in。Ikazu also not arbitrarily put the cat in the white mosque、It was goodbye and here in tears cat。

At the entrance of the white mosque have been placed a lot of blue bag、How to have lost of any good with acceptance of the aunt told me and I'm put my feet。Just like this。I No slippers instead。

You can admission this hall only seen from the first floor of the reception portion and the second floor。Also you can see the white one is the inner wall。White mosque Rashiku pilgrimage of Muslims、Will believers gather and it is time。

Because there is a fall prevention of the fence you come to feel free in your child!

I wonder what。It was nothing in really。Admission time probably within 5 minutes。As long as not a pilgrim of Muslims、I think here's attractions to enjoy the scenery from the outside。And when you came out already was no Nekoi 😥

Even so, a really beautiful mosque。Thing that was a worth that arrived with difficulty。

When the outside are turning the Guru' strange gate discovery!

What what? Museums and I? !

Or we'll see what mon!

Whether it is taken Yabbeokane。Moreover, 150 rubles。Disagreeable、But not regrettable that much of the money much trouble because I came up here、To some of the bus time、I decided to give up this time。Thats want to tourism and carefully if paid money?

Good Bye white mosque by Te! And exudes taste light of the sun is good to insert from the cloudy!

There was a strange fortress immediately To become of white mosque。

Return went back through the people in the village of Bolgar。It was a place I something good countryside have walking down the street the other animals normally。


This Kazan travel in the snow at the completion! The next is scheduled for another country!

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