In search of water of Kazan tourism - God to Raiffeisen monastery in the snow ② ~

Raiffeisen monastery Following the last time。Entering the home duck gate。

Church bench。That is the church shop。Since no ginger well into the early First toward the back。

To catch up in a hurry ...... has advanced to the Oh ...... tour members splendid destination!

It has been accompanied by flowers。Wonder if something great people of the grave?

Looking back at the entrance。It had been caught up in the tail end of the tour。If Ne hurry。

Frequently onion head of the church in Russia。

Ah、Still there was the back of the tour。It droves is incoming。

The front of the earlier of the grave。After all fine!

Our tour members had heard the story gathered around the tour operator。I was taking photos so anyway inaudible in the twister!

Even so, the great snow。

Oh? ! There is by chance ...... Russian Cat! ! Let's closer to one One of them of them。The target is try to guy sitting of the front。

Elevation Oh Oh! !ーーーー that Chikayore up to here!

Previously scooped the ーーー! ? Still, it has been used to people。I also was asked to let stroked the head of the cat after this person!

I wonder if N think that gives me even 😮 bait that has by another one animal

Again wandering resume Raiffeisen monastery since the sport enough and cat。But apparently placed in a building in the distance。

This building is the main hall。The medium Unfortunately photography ban。It was Well ordinary church。

Here I learned how to pray in the Russian Orthodox。Proceed to the front of the Our Lady like a painted paintings、It is first cut three times the cross with the right hand in front of face、A kiss to the last painting。

But、No not everyone everyone to make this prayer how、Apparently do is people who have inherited the feelings of communism。

I wanted shop right next to the entrance、I feel that only those religious who said so Toka Toka scriptures candles are sold。Interesting souvenir was not。

Doorway of when a person is not。I'm there is a snow plow。It was not bought noticed a while ago。

Well Now that you also worship will head towards the back。One Pasha within a few people!

I wish also to me paying snow all the way you were anyway。

We were talking about something to stop and the tour operators。Here in free time。Walking around all love selfish、That with me back to the bus by the time。

Russian cat again! ! Children were playing with lifting 😯

Ah、Fled the。

Fellow was in the earlier!

Well Innovation'll around various Since much trouble。

Contact。English notation! Since there is only basically Cyrillic I Russia、Get used to this kind of alphabet view and very fresh feeling。

Easy to say when the "drawing water park"。It seems to be brought back to put holy water in plastic bottles。

It becomes like this is in the building、It looks like a take home to put the water in the container, which was to bring waiting for the order。

Child was lying down in the snow of the bed。I'm fine

The last is to shop。

I Ya Well ordinary church shop。Like a to have been sold many paintings!

Classified information at Raiffeisen monastery it's too late。bicycle、Dog-walking、Walk to eat、Tobacco NG。Women off shoulder - Yaheso out the NG。Men tank top is NG。apparently。In particular, there was no attention from the tour operators and tour desk、And I wonder if there is no reason to come to the many clothing of exposure in that raining like this snow is why the。

gallery。It's like paintings I Russia。

Finally toilet。Long line only female toilet。This is I'm a common whole world 😀 By the way, this toilet is paid。Coming held out his hand Give me 30 rubles There are strange aunt at the entrance。It was put up because something of annoyance。By the way, the tour is to visit the restaurant for lunch after this、So we were able to borrow a free toilet!


Next time lunch。And then in the big favorite Subiyashusuku (English:Sviyazhsk 、Russia:It will head to Свияжск)!

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