Melbourne Waterfront Redevelopment Area "Docklands"-Library at The Dock-

The Harbor Town introduced last time is located on the north side of the Docklands.。What is Docklands、It represents the entire waterfront area located northwest of downtown Melbourne.。


The location of "Docklands"

Docklands is the U-shaped bay on the west side of Southern Cross Station.。You can go around from Harbor Town、You can also go around quickly with a free tram。


Free tram to Docklands Stadium

I took a free tram from Harbor Town and saw a lot of boats moored, so get off。

It is hard to cross because there are many streets 😥

Aim for the chance that there are few cars!

Since this area is like a redevelopment area, many buildings are under construction、There was still an atmosphere that seems to develop from now on.。

Ferris wheel (Melbourne star) can be seen over there。There seems to be quite a distance if you walk。

You can see the letters ETIHAD STADIUM in the distance。Actually、The owner of this docklands stadium changes frequently.、2020Since Marvel Entertainment, which is famous for end games, owns、Named Marvel Stadium。Except、Does it still have the name of its last owner, the airline Etihad Airways?。

Since the name changes like this, it seems that the Docklands Stadium has become a general name。

Is it a boat platform?。

There is a building that stands out。It's a break, so I'll try。


Docklands Library (Library at The Dock)

The library in Docklands、Seems to be available to anyone。I am also disturbed。

Image of a modern library。It's fashionable

There is a cafe inside and it seems that you can use it while having a light meal.。In Japan, eating and drinking is prohibited in the basic library, so this is a fresh idea.。

There were also comics and audio。And even Japanese ones...

This is a working space。I learned later、This library is very popular with freelance workers called Nomad.。Looking at this landscape, it feels like an IT venture company.。

It's also nice to have one side covered with glass.。Shall we go out now?。


Docklands walk

When I go outside, it rains...

Mysterious present object。

Now、It's getting more rainy so let's hurry to the stadium。

Enjoy shopping in Harbor Town、You can kill time at the library、Somehow it's said that it is an area recommended for tourists and locals。Because the city itself is compactly organized in Melbourne、It's a place you can come to if you stretch a little、It might be fun to come if you have a little time。


Next time to Eureka Tower along the Yarra River。

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