High-class luxury inn "Atami Fufu" ③ ~ Meal introduction ~

This Atami Fufu has a reputation for delicious food, so I'm looking forward to eating it.。I have Japanese food and Teppanyaki for dinner.、Teppanyaki is limited to 8 groups a day, so apply for teppanyaki at the time of booking。I heard that you will be contacted if you cannot meet your request.、I didn't get anything in particular, so it seems that I won the prize 🙂


Atami Fufu Supper:Teppanyaki course meal

Teppanyaki is a counter seat。While watching the chef make it in front of you、Style to eat while talking。Well, it's a common teppanyaki 🙂

At that time, I was obliged to wear a mask in the hall due to coronavirus.、I was surprised that he had prepared a mask holder to put the mask on the table.。I thought it was a ryokan with such detailed attention.。

Wagyu beef to be a treat today。The chef asked me "Do you want to take a picture?" And let me take the meat before baking 😆

By the way, because the food changes every month、You can enjoy different dishes every month.。

First of all, beef tataki。It has a light taste, so you can take a bite with it.。

Return bonito and seasonal fish sashimi。Salt and soy sauce are your choice。

Next is a bowl。This soup stock was very delicious。I'm really good at seasoning 🙂

Four plates are a selection format。Salmon、spiny lobster、I can choose from abalone、Additional 5,500 yen for spiny lobster and abalone。I don't like spiny lobster and abalone in the first place, so I chose the default salmon。

Since the course will be served after a while、I'm hungry around here for the amount。

Grilled vegetables。Wasabi was shaped like a leaf。In French cuisine, butter is shaped like a pine cone.、This kind of thing is fresh in Japanese food

Finally the main dish Wagyu steak。You can choose sirloin and fillet for this steak, but choose fillet。It ’s finished and it ’s delicious.、The meat is also amazingly soft 😆

Rice, miso soup and pickles。Miso soup is red soup。I can choose garlic rice or white rice for rice.、Select garlic rice that can be baked on an iron plate。White rice can be eaten normally、Garlic rice can only be eaten in these places.

Two kinds of dessert from here。At first sherbet。A little liquor is good and refreshing and delicious。

The last is dorayaki baked on an iron plate。I visited this day on my birthday、He wrote the words Happy Birthday in chocolate.。

Don't you think this character is too good? ?? Actually, the chef seems to be good at this kind of thing like a former pastry chef。You will be amazed at the breadth of the chefs 😯

This is the end of dinner。I'm full。


Atami Fufu breakfast:Japanese food

I could choose Japanese food or Western food in the morning, so I chose Japanese food。

The beginning is tofu

Next main。The breakfast was delicious too

I sat by the window so I could eat elegantly while looking out.。I wonder if I could have chosen a terrace seat if it wasn't raining。

Finally desserts and drinks。The dessert was refreshing and delicious、I wonder if it would have been better for me to simply serve melons, watermelons, pears, etc. as Dawn.。


This concludes the introduction of Atami Fufu.、This ryokan has a really high level of food and hospitality。Actually, I was planning to stay at the affiliated store ATAMI Sekaie the next day.、For that reason, we received various special measures.。It was an inn that made me want to come to stay again。

Next, I will introduce ATAMI Sekaie of the same Kato Pleasure Group series.。



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