High-class luxury inn "ATAMI Sekaie" ① ~ Facility introduction ~

The day after Atami FufuATAMI AtamiStayed at。Atami Fufu cares for me、I took the trouble to tell ATAMI the arrival time。Thank you for following me to the very end 🙂

The owner of this ATAMI Sekaie is Kenichi Ohmae, who wrote the new capital theory.。Because it is always displayed at the top of the popularity on travel reservation sites、Many of you may know。


ATAMI Atami Place

ATAMI Sekaie is about 1.5km from Atami station、The road is quite steep。Because the inn is on the top of the mountain, you have to go up a narrow winding mountain road、It's a little difficult when visiting by private car(^^;Well, if you come by train, it's a problem if you use the pick-up service.。


ATAMI Atami entrance

As you go up the mountain road, you will see a sign called "Sekai" on the right side.。Except、It's quite difficult because you have to make a 180 degree turn to get to the inn by car.。There is a parking lot in the middle of the road.、I wonder if it will be easier to enter if you make a switch turn there。

The inn is waiting in front of the entrance, so unload your luggage and hand over the key.。It's the same valley service as Atami Fufu。It seems that some people do not want to drive a car、Such a person went to park the car to the parking lot by himself。

The entrance is divided into two。The back of the image is the moon road、The right side is the main building。This time I booked the Moon Road Corner Suite、First, go to the main building for check-in。

The main building is here。Measure the temperature at the entrance to deal with coronavirus and go inside。


ATAMI Sekaie Front & Lobby & Shop

Front desk and souvenir shop。Amenity was on sale so I saw it、I was relieved that it was organic here too 🙂

Waiting for check-in procedure in the lobby。Have a cup of cold tea and enjoy the view of Sagami Bay for a while。

This is a lounge lookout。Well it's a bar。Not open at this time。

There is a Nespresso machine in the lobby、coffee、tea、Water is take free。Except、It is a mystery that tea and water are prepared only at room temperature.。I thought it would be nice to have a refrigerator ...

"Japanese food Tsukushi"。This is a dining venue for guests staying in the main building。In the case of the moon road, it will be an iron plate dish called "meat dish Hitoshio" so you will not be taken care of here。

Check-in procedure is over, so I will head to my room。


ATAMI Atami:Moon road

To reach the moon road, exit the entrance and go straight on the road on the right side.。

This is the moon road building。The entrance is decorated with works of art with the moon drawn。

From here to the inside of the building。

Moon road entrance space。There were various chairs and books,、I've never seen anyone here。Well, ATAMI itself has a total of 25 rooms.、There are only 13 rooms on the road this month, so I rarely meet other guests.。

Now、I will leave the room introduction to the next article、Let's go to the public bath first。


ATAMI Atami public bath

The large communal bath is the main building, so it is quite far from the moon road。Once out of the moon road、Walk down the outer corridor to the main building、From there you can finally get there using the elevator。

Face towels, bath towels, various amenities and toothbrushes are provided in the large communal bath, so you can come empty-handed.。Except、Unlike Atami Fufu, there is no body towel to wash your body、I was worried that the electric fan was not Dyson 😆

This is the powder room。There are four, but there aren't many people who use the public bath, so there won't be any conflicts.。In the first place, all rooms are open-air baths、There is no open-air bath in this large communal bath, so I wonder if I can enter too much。

It was good that water was prepared in the bathroom。However, at room temperature!


ATAMI Atami rest area

Rest area just outside the public bath。Even with this, chairs are prepared。By the way, I didn't see other guests using this chair。

There is a footrest like an ottoman so you can relax slowly。

Take a break while looking at the garden。The green outside is lit up at night。

This is a free drink。Mineral water and Pocari Sweat ...

Coffee milk and beer ... There was Yakult! Atami Fufu also had barley tea and sorbet, but no Yakult。but、This Yakult is very popular、When I came one hour later, it was already gone ... Atami Fufu was always fully filled 😥

After relaxing here, the tour will resume.


ATAMI Atami:Azure terrace (daytime)

The roof terrace is on the top floor from the elevator in the large communal bath.。Coffee and tea are served at the terrace entrance。I never used this machine after all 🙂

Azure terrace。It was cloudy and then rainy that day, so an umbrella was also available.。

When I opened the door, Sagami Bay was full in front of me ❕ It was cloudy in the morning, but I was lucky enough to see the clear sky at this time.。

Because there is no one, it is in a chartered state 😆 Because it is located on the top of the mountain, the view is superb ❕ And there are still many chairs ❕

Anyway, it's a good view ~

Atami inn and Sagami Bay spread out in front of you。It was 100% cloudy in the morning, but I was lucky to see the blue sky just at this moment.

Sit in this chair and wait for the sunset。


ATAMI Atami:Azure terrace (night view)

I was looking forward to the evening view of Sagami Bay, but unfortunately it started to rain ... The terrace got wet in places.、It will be lit up beautifully at night like this 🙂


ATAMI Atami:Azure terrace (sunrise appreciation)

Azure terrace is 6 in the morning:00Will be released to。In this ATAMI, the building itself faces the east、The sunrise can be seen from all rooms。Actually, this day is 5 in the morning:30Because it was sunrise、After seeing the sunrise from the room、6:00I came to the terrace to worship the Asahi who completely appeared from the horizon.

It's sunny today so there are sofas on the terrace

Wonderful sunrise。The heart is washed。

Watch the Asahi here for a while


This is the end of the facility introduction。Next time, I will introduce the Ocean View Suite Moon Road!



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