Australia's largest Gothic architecture "Melbourne St. Patrick's Cathedral"

Melbourne St. Patrick's Cathedral is 300 meters from Fitzroy Gardens。There are many Chinese tourists for some reason only here.。


Walking map "From Fitzroy Gardens to St Patrick's Cathedral"

Go straight on the Cathedral Place from the west exit of Fitzroy Gardens and you will see the Cathedral on your right。Although、At the moment you leave the west exit, you can see a cathedral-like thing on the right side of the front.、Do n’t hesitate。


Melbourne St. Patrick's Cathedral

This is the west exit of Fitzroy Gardens。How can you see the building on the right side?。That is my destination。

Once you cross the main street, it ’s almost like this。It is very close。

I can't enter from here。By the way, the surrounding area is NO SMOKING、That is, cigarettes are NG。

Actually this cathedral、Touring Melbourne's tourist destinations”City Sightseeing Melbourne”One of the bus stops。Because you can walk normally in such a safe town,、You don't have to bother to use such a bus。If you have no time、Because you can turn around efficiently、If you want to buy time for money, you may use it。


Main gate of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne

When I got to the front gate, it was just raining。I have to get in the rain quickly。

It is the entrance of the cathedral。If you think there are no people、Many came to the entrance。Because it's raining、It seems that everyone is looking at the timing。

View of downtown Melbourne from the cathedral。You can see the skyscrapers


Stroll around the cathedral

Meeting time at the cathedral。

I really wanted to introduce you to the cathedral、No cameras inside。So unfortunately I couldn't shoot、Of course I can't even post on this blog。

From the fact that Chinese is also written in English, you can see that there are many Chinese.。Practical、I heard Chinese while I was raining here 🙂

Stroll around the cathedral as it rained。This is oldMelbourneA statue of "Daniel Mannix," who was the archbishop。

There was a bench on the premises。I wonder if there are many people resting here on a sunny day.。

This statue is Daniel O'Connell (Daniel O’Connell)。He is a great person who has also worked hard on the Catholic liberation movement.。

It ’s not possible to shoot with a camera inside the cathedral.、Shall we head to the next tourist spot?。


Take a walk away from the cathedral

I ran through the road north of Fitzroy Gardens。There are many streets here。

A small museum nearby。There is no admission fee so you can kill a little time。

This museum seems to be named McCUBBIN GALLERY。

Ahh ... here too。Since it is a camera NG, I can not introduce it in this blog。


That concludes this article! Thank you again next time!

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