To the interior of the Sydney Opera House! Tragedy of architect Jørn Utzon

In the Sydney article 6 claw、Finally introduction of the Opera House。Dattari traffic introduction from the airport to the city、Dattari Hyde Park、Something that a great deal has been a detour ...... Dattari Royal Botanical Gardens。

Although we often talk about this building、So bored as long Read also written the text side at the beginning、And Do If possible explanation little by little while taking a photo。


Sydney Opera House location (Location of Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House、Is the world's cultural heritage which is located at the tip of Bennelong Point protruding in Port Jackson。The nearest station is Circular Quay (Circular Quay)。It is the main station located between the consuming The Rocks of Bennelong Point and the Harbor Bridge with Opera House。


Opera House tourist start

First to visit this entrance in the tour。Here you will see the historic video of the Opera House before internal search start。Since the time that was participating Japanese tour also naturally Japanese voice。English can join with confidence, even weak。

Here I've got a the bar like a、I wonder who is used to not be able to participate only in the tour? I thought I、The first place because I'm made for Toka concert hall I Opera House、I guess operating in the timing of the concert event。

From a different angle of the entrance。Round table that had been taken to the beginning of the photograph looks for the buffet。

Japan after the group viewing complete the Opera House history video、The large household had appeared from later。Looking good in Sydney is the people of that country。It is you can see the other? So、It is the Chinese 😀

By the way, in this Chinese group configuration of about 20 - 30 people、Moreover, it is two groups! That is our Japanese group against it is that 50 people before and after 😯 is that only three people(Lol)


UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

The introduction of the opera house at around here。Opera House have been registered as a World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO、Most new in the buildings among them (point 2019)。

so、Architect Jørn Utzon of the were building this is Denmark。At that time, Utsuson was anonymous architects won the competition、Toka architectural planning of this shell-type buildings began。

But、Because there was not a design has been designed in detail to the drawings、How would you make doing when actually building? It seems it terrible suffering and。

as a result、The construction period and the cost is enormous increase than the original、It's one o'clock completed has been threatened。

To the back of the building。Looking at the ceiling of the Opera House、An ordinary building there is a big difference points。Would you know?

so、GirderI'm there is no pillar。One of the reasons this is also chosen as a World Heritage Site。Initially While I was going to make the ceiling a combination of parabolic roof of the same form、Toka architecture has difficulties in that it was found impossible that it is it。At the end of thought、Toka came up with the current form of a combination of different radii sector。

Such construction techniques to clear the World Heritage criteria of "masterpiece that represents the creative talent of mankind."、2007It became a world cultural heritage in the year。


To back to back

Unfortunately, non-barrier-free。Proceed by repeating the down and up the stairs。

Harbor Bridge, which was visible from the middle of the stairs。Look good and、I there is a flag to the highest point of the bridge。

Circular Quay district。The landscape is rich ones that do not taste only to those who participated in the tour pay the money 😮

Another piece。I feel that looking down from a slightly higher location。

After this、I have toured the concert hall。In Symphony Orchestra in the middle is in practice、Unfortunately photography ban。And it is in the hole have been installed world's largest pipe organ、The number of the pipe is a whopping 10,000 or more! Even so, it was well echoing hall。

Tour guide's gave me a description of the floor。

Floor of the Opera House seems adapted to be repositioned easily have been stopped in one by one screw in like this。In other words the fact that repair is easy。It has been well thought

We arrived at the deepest -。At the time of the concert so here it changes to the bar。I It is also a round table that was in the entrance。

Sydney Opera House is consists of three buildings、Are turning now tour the "concert hall" is the most big。


The configuration of the Opera House

I tried shown in the map。Previous articleAlso together with the display image that we used in。Opera hall from the east in order、Concert hall、Restaurant。The most north side is it now is the yellow of the concert hall。Opera House I are arranged subtly shifted in the 3 Tsugakon'na wind。


View of Port Jackson

Harbor Bridge & luxury liner that faces from the concert hall。

Harbor Bridge from this side。I ran the sea taxi。

Back Square walked in the previous article。After all, people are less 🙁

...... was up to here can monopolize this landscape


The emergence of China tourists

Appeared Chinese group A! ! Suddenly noisy as soon as come。Indeed population superpower 😯

Here is Chinese group B! It seems Nikki felt the wall of the Opera House in the skin。


Architect Utsuson's tragedy

This wonder if Opera House builder Jørn Utzon of the statue?

This Utsuson's、It was devised the Opera House, but I was good、Because of the difficulties it is architecture as described earlier、At the time of the Australian public works phase Davis Hughes (Davis Hughes) and the big fight、Settlement that then is removed from the person in charge。Angry Utsuson is will be returned to the motherland Denmark、Took over the will of Utsuson person has completed。

After completion of the Opera House、Although it seems to have issued an invitation to Utsuson、He never again come to Sydney、That it died without seeing the figure of eventually finished Opera House。Downright is a painful story 😥


And to the outdoors

Finally out of the Opera House。That found the shell roof up close is only the timing among the tour!

You can take in the corn a close!

Ideas that have been subjected to this ceiling、It seems to have been made so that the roof is clean only in rainwater。Called re-covering the floor、Say that this、The highlight of the word is to have advanced technology is used in various places。

Security guards so that the standing Gachanto (people I have towards the right of the screen) come in here except tour participants Masen

It seems climb is where there is a handrail that appear near the top that。It does not Unfortunately, the general public is going。

But in the opera hall looks a little、Medium had confused a little bit at this time is just under renovation。Ah、Guards also looks towards the other side and look good。

Finally, the Royal Botanical Gardens towards photos before returning to the middle。


Tour final stage

It is already tour start members and back to the entrance。Hear the language has been, of course Chinese。

30It was minute tour、When I was to heckle it had been over about 10 minutes。Thanks to the guide who was me going out still。

It had also taught that the projection mapping is on the roof of the restaurant in the evening。later、The tour participants that concert ticket of the night of the day is whether the 20% off's 10%、It had hung open at the end on the guide's。


Now、Next time, let's around the Circular Quay!

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