Guru around Innovation one full year! The back of the face of the Sydney Opera House which is not seen on TV

Finally the Opera House in the five first Sydney article。Perhaps everyone to think of speaking of Sydney tourist destination would be the Sydney Opera House。I think there are more to come from the side of Circular Quay Station、This time, it has become a visit from the Royal Botanic Gardens side。


Opera House circular route

All round round the back in such a feeling。The long-awaited kana Let's also go to the back side not seen on TV everyday since I came to Dari Sydney-kun。Just good for a walk because walking the Botanical Gardens along the bay。I You can either landscape!


Through the Botanical Gardens to the site of the Opera House

Only walk single-mindedly along the river from Mrs. Makuarizu Chair。Since the tourist destination that I thought that there are many people did not have so much。This side is I or would I have become surprisingly beaten path。

Shell roof object to come gradually increases。It has a little strong wind、Pleasant than an early summer! You can see this、The I Opera House it's made up of three buildings。Well, in the next article Nde to introduce the Opera House tour details at that time。

We arrived at the gate ~ 🙂 and fall out of the gate、There is opera house no longer a botanical garden。Not a separate mean money is taken but the gate is。So it will be closed to Botanical Garden at night、Will those for the。

So whether you pass under the gate。


First of all from the side of the Opera House

(Kke I say pier?) Protruding place in such a river right next to the building as the kana Let's stop by Nde there was a。In particular, but nothing's is unlikely。

Because I do know Man O word Steps (Man O War Steps Opera House) to I say in ...... Japanese seems to Toko I katakana polarimetric reading of pardon。

It seems possible Toka boat charter from the pier。It is such a such a thinghome pageIt was written to。Do you get rich is Why not us so there is also a contact form。

A little break because there was a bench earlier whiff。But were to quit the sit still because the bench was Ppoka' a little salt。

From here I'm overall picture of the Opera House is seen、Unfortunately whether the Toka something right in front of the pillars of which impair the landscape have to disturb the subtle 😥

Now、Let's directed to the Opera House!

The side of the road is so narrow。Moreover, people also less。Night, I guess I am sure clean shining this lamp!


To the back side of the Opera House

I came out on the back! ! Than expected in the wide space 😮

Japan premiere! This is the rear side of the Sydney Opera House! ! It's also be seen not aired on Toka ...... very sober ...... TV

I like this guy ... I do? ? This is the back side of the tourist destination of Sydney 1! !

Just dodecamethylene have boats across the river was at anchor。Maybe array Princess Cruises。Sun Princess、Golden Princess、We've got three types Tteyuu Diamond Princess any of them dunno。Briefly、Sydney、Tasmania、Cruise issue by the luxury liner over the Melbourne。

Since the go this time will be of the three places、I'm a mean will be around on their own, but I。Because the luxury liner is the goodness of luxury liner、The next opportunity I think I might try riding on this you have any。

Hog Harbor Bridge 😆 would be what。Or actually when I was looking at this landscape that exhilaration、Deep feeling that I was not tasted the mood I do transmitted that it is ...... photo 🙄 still Sydney high-rise building、I think it is difficult panorama feeling of 360 ° Tteyuu Opera House

Let's head to the Opera House of the entrance through the side opposite to the came to。This is a lot of people。I like've done me a share though it was the mood that had dominated the Opera House a little while ago。


Finally inside the Opera House

To the medium because while forward and look is such a tunnel on the left side。

This dim the entrance。Let's up the stairs。

Ticket counter and climb one of the stairs。Ah、In the information there in front、It is the ticket office is a little look in the back。

Here you buy a ticket。Opera House is no longer able to freely visit、If you want to tour the medium does not only here to buy the tour tickets。I the same system as the Toka United Nations that were introduced earlier。

Tour start time and duration、And it would most interest rates are this street。Because in the value go up trend for me this kind of fee、Before you goOfficial websiteWe recommend to examine in。Because there was also Japanese pageClick here to linkAlthough it has stretched、I'm sorry if you do not find the page because such lower page is often be a broken link。

Heck、I turned up the value to the already $ 29 😯 what pace I'm ......

Dangle the middle Nde free time to tour start。Set the location of the tour is Choi away from the ticket office。Again down the stairs of the entrance、Before the shop in place further down the stairs in a place where right turn was。Because (to feel was the alphabet of Toka certainly A Toka B) group number on the ticket is written、Or if you wait in the vicinity of the pillar that the alphabet is stuck。

By the way, the image shop。Naa is'm high do this kind of official shop。But I think that there may not buy only here、It is better not to buy here anything souvenir want people of good from Opera House。I write in the article later、Recommended because there is cheap in the shopping center in Darling Harbor。

Richman of official shops aside。There is also a toilet inside。Sydney is whether not mind because there is a toilet in everywhere。Unlike Dokozo of the region just free toilet (and the Europe we do not say Europe)

Top from here is off-limits。Area that admission only in the tour are allowed。

There is also a restaurant。This restaurant actually is one of the three buildings of the Opera House。I think I did not put in and not a full dress because I think that there was a certain dress code。Price is also your high。I am brilliant through the common people 😆

Photos of projection mapping has been decorated。It was good to keep a look at where it。In fact, every day When you have questions about the projection mapping at the time of the tour 21:00Caught information to be performed。Rather than the projection mapping of the entire famous Opera House、It seems those of small-scale to be carried out only in the restaurant of the roof。That of the limited time of the big event of the Toka Vivid Sydney Toka New Year's Eve is fellow of the famous large-scale。Unfortunately 🙁


Kill time until the tour start

Hanging around the stairs out of the opera house in the vicinity of the two down was the meeting place。There was a food court

I wonder what。...... that looks like a good picture than the earlier of the Harbor Bridge

Since the free time bird shooting 😉 I did not bring a telephoto lens to Sydney。Although this is will be very regret in Tasmania。

Finally, Opera House from Circular Quay side!


Next to the interior of the opera house!

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