New Year is to Numazu! Love Live Life-size panel is a limited time until January 20? ! There is also a location site map

While middle of Sydney article、New Year's Love Live! Sunshine! ! Hurriedly posted according to the event。2019Year theater version also published there in Numazu is still of Anime Fever。I take my hat off just in love live Sunshine is willing to contribute greatly to the town revitalization 😀

Now、Or let's introduced in Ishibashi Plaza of Numazu Station and the north exit this time。Or something According to the story I heard Love live Sunshine of life-size panel for a limited time until January 20, the tourist office of Numazu Station is installed。Let's also visited incidentally Ishibashi Plaza。

It should be noted、But I was writing as "Ito-Yokado" in the article until now、lovelive! And to wonder if let's change the description because apparently those of Ishibashi Plaza rather than the aggressive of the Ito-Yokado。


Numazu entree & Ishibashi Plaza

Start point is South Exit Numazu Station。The north side of the shops lining a passageway from around the station building "Entree" of JR Numazu Station this time、And route toward Amane via the guard to Ishibashi Plaza。Distance 1km weak。

I think every time you write a route to exit from the south exit to the north exit is、In Toka you do not have to relocate the freight yard to the original station and result in elevated the ...... Numazu Station me to quickly Numazu Station overpass。Residents in the vicinity of the original station have in Son is a large opposition Toka、Or that you can not easily run。

YoriyukiShigeru Shuichi Mayor's really thank you。In addition to that before Onuma mayor was too excellent、Please to recover Nde ...... to around here because I'm down evaluated in or earnestly to postpone the fireworks 😡


JR Numazu Station Building "Entree "

Tochuken located immediately to the right exits the Numazu Station south exit wicket。World Heritage Memorial、Nirayama reflection furnace lunch、And I love live stuffed animals。In quite well-known company in the local Numazu of me Tochuken、Toka Toka lunch catered、But it is the store that I of the Well food and drink related。

Piggybacking there at a rainy day stuffed animals。Surprise Hey 😯

The second floor Limited Life-size panels went up the stairs。Unfortunately, New Year's Day had closed。The Yomoya was open from 2 days。So Tteyuu was re-visit the next day。

Festival for participation & Sansan Numazu ambassador Aqours。

What I wonder famous I Numazu? When I thought I、Fuji also Suruga Bay also to be seen other than Numazu、Or with's a subtle name recognition Nante Kano River and Kanukiyama say。When it comes to、It's not only love live I Numazu specialty

As soon proceed to the right up the stairs Numazu tourist office。Local professional football team、Asururakuro Numazu of cheering flag。Recently seems Raburaiba of you is I am rushed to cheer。

Life found large panel! ! that? It's nine I Aqours? The rest Where to? ? 🙄

The remaining three servings of life-size panel Once turned around behind。The nine is likely limited exhibition until January 20,。

It's cheaper than the station of the locker (large) the way I luggage one 500 yen deposit services。300 yen each in small, medium, large I Numazu Station locker、500Circle、600Because circle、Is cheap that those who deposited in the big luggage if the tourist office。

It was Nante Numazu 1 day pass for tourism。before、Awashima MarinepackI introduced the、This did not know 😐

Yosakoi Tokaido of poster sales。Poster it's 800 yen uniform。It was certainly a fireworks display to be 800 yen。It should be noted、1Filming location map of the anime "Love Live! Sunshine !!" has been distributed in this tourist information office from the moon four days! For more informationNumazu Tourism PortalPlease refer to the。

Sale of Azul Claro Numazu and love live Sunshine goods also in the store。Azul Claro Numazu of Rilakkuma ver quietly want w

Here also love live Sunshine discovery After the tourist office has a walk the first floor of the entree out。Stamp pad that is everywhere in Numazu。There was also this Mizuguchi Gardens。


From the entree to the Ishibashi Plaza

It had stopped lapping bus to the rotary out of the station。Moreover, promotion of Awashima Marine pack was talking about earlier on the back

New Year's Day of the appearance of "Love Live! Sunshine! ︎ × majestic SUN! SUN! Sunshine Cafe"。Because it can tremendous matrix I have to catapult taken from the third floor of Shizutetsu store。

Although this is New Year's Day for you、Had already returned from the banners of celebration · Aqours festival for participation determined usually ver。I fast work Nante 😯

There is an interesting wrapping bus just before it passes through the Amane guard。Was not that tried what of these eco-driving。


Ishibashi Plaza

We arrived at the Ishibashi Plaza。3Two Aqours of the One of the banners。And another target becomes Raburaiba。

I tried approaching only a little。Go around to the east side entrance north Ricoh street from here。

Aqours members of winter clothes ver with Kadomatsu。The paint also it's pretty change。

The decoration on the first floor plaza of Ishibashi Plaza of the New Year。Senna Ishibashi of I Plaza is that of the south side of the building that is connected to the Ito-Yokado。Disney Store is also available in Ishibashi in the Plaza。

2These paint at the atrium Once up to the floor。1Month 1 day Aqours3_nenseigumideseitokaichonoKurosawadaiyanotanjobinoyodesu。Nante easy-to-remember birthday 🙂

Second-year member of Aqours also on the west side of the parking garage side entrance、Watanabe Sunday and Sakuranai Mariko paint。

Advertising of Over the Rainbow also at the entrance to the underground。This screening is likely to become lonely and become Love live Sunshine Last Broadcast Numazu。It is by all means a sequel hope!

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