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Those who almost come to tourism in Numazu might tourist to the main Numazu Port。But、I personally would like to recommend Kanukiyama of Numazu Alps north end。Although this mountain altitude is not so high because the 193m which is formed by undersea volcano、Numazu overlooks pretty because of the low building。Be Well the thing I countryside if the bad words? From the Izu Peninsula Suruga Bay、There is a further superb view point overlooking all up to Mount Fuji。

From the access method of the First to Kanukiyama。Route to climb Kanukiyama is I have a lot but、This time I would like to introduce those that go most efficiently。It is a red line in the above route。

The starting point is Numazu Station。What、You can go by car to the five-story pagoda from there falls Kanukiyama 5th! Your peace of mind because the confusing thing about the guide with photos。

To begin with、Here is the portion indicated with a yellow star on the map。Turn left where there is a signpost of the mountain trail of Kanukiyama。

Bokusui Wakayama Do you remember? It was introduced in a previous articleBokusui Wakayama MemorialIt is the people。People have forgotten、Or the first time those who visited this blog purchase decisions refer to the hyperlink destination。

Straight through this intersection。But it seems also like a dead end、Please be assured that properly road has led。

That will gradually altitude is higher and go up the mountain road。

Like this is the way。Since coming and quite troublesome oncoming vehicle towards the large vehicles, please note。So as not to earnestly skipped。Safe driving safe driving。You might will die if the poor Once fell 😥

It will continue to climb as it is a few minutes。Ah、Really, but it's good anyhow、Although I myself went to the place Tteyuu Numazu Municipal fourth junior high school at the foot of this mountain、It was well climbing up and down this road is in class Toka extracurricular activities of the school of physical education。It's destination is a place of the five-story pagoda to introduce in the photo from the following。

Parking will appear to open the way。And many cars are already parked、Free is absolutely just 🙂 Toka parking fee that space was good to have free to be Tomah just one。so、Up to this shame is to take the car while the。We will walk from here。Well, it kind of rubbed me the hill-climbing?

Hereabouts in you luck breath。This is the Kanukiyama 5th。Where it becomes the destination of a local elementary school excursion。This incense Ling stand in a place that has been written me free resting place I was selling souvenir Toka long ago Ramune Toka sweets、I wonder if is closed now? Rumors also I have heard or something to extraordinary business if the time of the April cherry blossoms、I wonder what about。

Oh! It is doing a picnic! ! Hey from vantage good 🙂 I monument next to this tent it is a monument of Bokusui Wakayama。Guide plate guy that had been written in the foot。

Here is the view from here。Enough good scenery ......

but 、

It should be seen more good views from the observation deck!

The five-story pagoda This is the memorial to the war dead of Kanukiyama specialties。It will be green to light up at night。Looking at the Kanukiyama from Numazu city the situation is, please take a look because it is seen beautiful!

Here to please the anxious one because there is a toilet。Sorry so can not toilet break for a while。

First, let's go with the aim summit! Single-mindedly climbing route on the right side of the route is the road the car can pass (general car fly is prohibited) in this branch。Left of stairs climbing route。Of course it is climbing route this time。Weak a little worrying about things like insect 😐

We will up this kind of place。Because the road is once developed in such a feeling it is adapted to climb even for beginners。There is also possible to pass each other and the occasional parent-child group。

Maybe good for children of experiential learning so that standing also Description Board of the plant in the middle。I also phillyraeoides、I learned 🙂

We arrived at the branch point。It incenses Ling stand on the front side of've climbed now。Since the left side of the incense Ling table is a road from another root of Kanukiyama climbing to the summit, observatory。

Drinking fountains have been installed in some places。Forgot your water bottle, please use to dehydration and heatstroke measures。

Fee。Look only a little climbed 😎 Kano River and Mount Fuji so far。Ahead is still long!

branch point。To the left because toward the summit。The I right junction is、Will that mean the confluence of the road that have been down through the summit in the route leading to the left of the summit?

A little view got better。Numazu city is An'nani small? ! I there feeling climbed pretty!

Oh! Roughening or Lookout! ! But、First, I have a little wait because going to the summit!

Cherry tree planting of。Contact、Numazu Municipal fourth elementary school and fourth middle school of my alma mater also are participating! Natural Chaa natural Tsu because it is at the foot。Since 2011 new ...... wonder if Speaking fairly new? It's more than five years ago 😛

Nanzo This。Meotoiwa。

Left women right in the husband? It seems there are some these rocks spot in this Kanukiyama。so、Note that this is the case you wanted to arrive follow in Meotoiwa often choppy on the way signposted。You can anyway arrival if traced the path of this blog street!

Yoshino cherry tree。In spring I cherry blossoms in full bloom。Also you can cherry-blossom viewing at the earlier of the five-story pagoda 😀

I、Probably there is no sign of Meotoiwa? It is as good anyhow、GO to the summit

Here also to the right。Furthermore, although the other side of the new Sakuradai I enjoy there is athletic of Sakuradai、A bit far from here。If'm also going to the left there is a time and physical strength、Round-trip in one hour or more, I wonder if not you take。

Finally arrived、It summit! 193m point。But the handwriting is a little mind for the time being the first objective is achieved! This is the top of the Numazu Alps northernmost Kanukiyama!

Dubious tower on the summit。I wonder whether Observatory something such of。Encounter with the parents and children the way here。With it、Because it was Hachigai was a little scared 😡

This is the summit! It becomes the scenery from the highest place in Kanukiyama! Do not overlook only Shizuura-Uchiura direction with many trees around unfortunately、But there is a sense of accomplishment, which has climbed up to here as long look at this sight! It is reflected also Awashima towards the center slightly left。

Since the article has been longer up to here。Next time, go to the observatory。

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