Numazu Kano River fireworks, Numazu Summer Festival - Day 2 -

Numazu of Kano River fireworks display also the second day。Compared to the first day it will reduce the annual participant。Well it because it is easy to participate better on Saturday than Sunday 🙂 today Jindoru a nearby fireworks launching pad to see the Niagara, which was observed yesterday! At the yellow ◎ of the following map specifically。

Or near Ayumi Bridge other than a fee bleachers、Or location of the selected near the Perpetual Bridge this time I think it good。Since the top of the Perpetual Bridge is a standing ban、It is a good idea above location that contains little in the transverse。

But I just want to immediately go to the fireworks display ......、In the morning so much trouble that from also look at how the incense Ling ground that Koryou Square。What about today but I had a lot yesterday。Exciting 😀

The other exhibitors this time because the love live Sunshine-related introduction has become the main in the previous article。Local high school had been exhibited。Numazu Commercial High School、Numazu Technical High School、And It is Numazukogyokotosenmongakko。This is Numazu Technical High School、Dashimono of commonly known as swamp Engineering (bran Mako will)。Experience corner to create a bridge of bricks。And it is just finished a bridge of bricks was taking photos、Where we are standing on a bridge lined with children in order to try the endurance。

But I was looking for a while、It seems to make a safe sturdy brick bridge without collapse!

Here also Dashimono of swamp Engineering。Chair making experience。Fee is 500 yen。Like just the audience did not come。The chat Torare towards the bricks? But I wanted to also introduce other schools、By just like was no audience is。Numazukogyokotosenmongakko this and the technical college is I was doing made creation of the robot experience but、Was not doing anything not fit unfortunately time。I came back and got only school guide。

When、Here it has been called out to the business's selling suddenly walk of tall bread。Those of price 170 yen、Me and things are what sold at 100 yen? ! I wonder would I had left over too much to make? Certainly But cheap it declined because i was not hungry。I wonder I should me to unplug lunch 😥

Here is the event venue。A lot of seats vacant ...... we do not have Kankodori changes hit the yesterday。Apparently Tarashiku come voice of noon to love live Sunshine of the day、Toka had once customers is closed from it ends。We were allowed a little rest sitting in a chair vacant since the long-awaited。

You can buy one made jewel of the Fallen use that has been able to matrix yesterday in the wait time is zero if now。It is a little lonely softening。

PET bottles dedicated trash in this civic center。It is amazing sales 😮 surprise。

Alright、Let's will complete the time until the fireworks just before the start!

Landscape here was taken from the location where encamped this time。Niagara will have grown toward the Perpetual Bridge here from the other side of the Onaribashi。How can people in love live Sunshine fans had a some places up to when you arrive here、I have me at a location When you go closer to the nearby try to see the fireworks。Thanks to the kindness! 🙂

Fireworks Day 2 start!

Fireworks to see up close and personal than yesterday are very powerful。Above all the great sound! Fireworks shines at the same time Dawn! ! There is a sense of realism with the feeling that resonate with belly。Although it sounds is heard at a later time from glowing with the distance away、After all shiny and good is better to hear a sound at the same time!

Red、Greenery、Decorate the night sky in yellow and various colors。

Collaboration with Onaribashi and the Kano River and fireworks

This was the most powerful。And fireworks Bambang in a row、Followed by many layers overlap sprinkle scatter sound while producing light、It will be repeated many times。All at once to the applause went up when the fireworks get settled down。

Kano River which was brightly lit fireworks

A lot of people also on the Eitai Bridge。Although those of security (maybe the police kana?) Has lifted the voice as "Please do not Tachidomara on the bridge!"、I do not have anymore anyone heard(^-^; Ah、By the way, I have taken because this place is a okay to stop and your peace of mind。Some people sitting bring the chair I bought many people。

Water fireworks。...... this is done and echoed a sudden during the shout of women Kano River、Songs flow、Large cheer from nearby? ! The population was wearing a T-shirt of the anime went closer and Walla Walla to earlier。People around us begins to the "that? I'm not trying to come idle" like a story。

It does not seen from here、It seems to have been animated voice our performance along with the fireworks of Love live Sunshine。It is a surprise in that there was so much influence on until the。

Second half of the season start!

Last of Niagara will begin。People who were watching the fireworks at the back and Niagara starts also have gathered along the shore。Kindness sore that the person who had the anime fan in the next at this timing make room in the back of the grandmother 😯

To gradually Eitai Bridge side

I came up here!

Ah ~、Or up to here。The other was a little I wanted to come up here 😥

Finale Niagara at the same time raised continuous fireworks。Even so, the great smoke。


Numazu Kano River fireworks display over the two days of the one time I have finished the year。I wonder if Let's take a look at from the observation deck of Kanukiyama next year。

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