"Flinders Street Station" which became a model of the Ghibli movie "Kiki's Delivery Service"

This is the last sightseeing in Melbourne。The last is Flinders Street Station, which is also the face of Melbourne&Introducing the night view。The previous"Walking along the Yarra River that flows through Melbourne ~A riverside with a beautiful night view~In the continuation of the introduction of the night view, I will write about the night view again this time.、Since it's a big deal, Flinders Street Station in the daytime。


Location of Flinders Street railway station

Flinders Street Station is on the Yarra River。Tourists mainly use this Flinders Street Station or Southern Cross Station, so it is often the gateway。Of course it is in the free tram zone。


Flinders Street Station in the daytime

When you cross the Yarra River at Princes Bridge, you will find it on your left.。It's one of the busiest places in Melbourne so it's lively all day long。

Scenery that you often see in photos。From the intersection in front of Flinders Street Station。It is said that this station became a model for the Ghibli movie "Kiki's Delivery Service".。Introduced beforeTasmania's Ross VillageYou will be able to go around the witch's house sanctuary in two places at once.。

This is the main entrance of Flinders Street Station。It is characteristic that clocks from all over the world are lined up。

St Paul's Cathedral in front of the station。It's quite unusual for the central station and the cathedral to be so close。Like the Cologne Cathedral in Germany。

The station square is full of Christmas。I feel a little lonely when I think about the Christmas tree in midsummer.。

from a different angle。Fully enjoy the last midsummer Christmas 😆

Looking at Flinders Street Station from the entrance of the cathedral, you can see the Eureka Tower behind。It's kind of strange to see a modern tower behind a medieval building.。


Night view of Flinders Street Station

Yarra River seen from Princess Bridge (Flinders Street Station side)。You can see that the wind is very weak because the light of the building is clearly reflected on the Yarra River.。

Christmas tree in front of the station with St. Paul's Cathedral。This light up can only be seen at this time。

Night ver of the photo posted at the beginning of the article。The atmosphere is different from daytime。By the way, this Melbourne is very safe、You can go out without worrying at all even at night 🙂

From the opposite bank of Flinders Street Station。

Finally from the front of the cathedral。There are quite a lot of people here, so be careful not to bother passers-by when shooting.。


This is the end of sightseeing in Melbourne! Next time, I will introduce the cheapest route from Southern Cross Station to Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne!

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