Walking along the Yarra River that flows through Melbourne ~A riverside with a beautiful night view~

Along the Yarra River where the Eureka Tower introduced in the previous article is located。This time I will walk along the river。


Walking map "Yara River"

Route starting from Melbourne Aquarium and crossing Eureka Tower to Flinders Street Station。500It’s about m、The scenery is fun, so I will arrive quickly。


In front of Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium along the Yarra River。This is a view from the Melbourne Aquarium in the opposite direction from Flinders Street Station。A peaceful landscape that does not seem to be the center of the city。

From the opposite bank of the Melbourne Aquarium。Skyscrapers in the background because it is a city。

Look in front”SEA LIFE”The building that says "Melbourne Aquarium"。There are many unknown objects along the river。


Cross the bridge over the Yarra river

Locks often found on overseas bridges。It’s like a couple's talisman.。

Mysterious object in the right side of the photo。I didn't understand after all。

Sandridge Bridge diagonally crossing the Yarra River

This is the entrance to the bridge。If you cut through, you will reach Flinders Street Station。

Go straight ahead of Eureka Tower without crossing the bridge。

Flinders Street Station is visible in the front。I got the information that the night view from here was beautiful, so I took a short break until the sun set 😳


Melbourne night view along the Yarra River

Night view from the place in the picture above。Unfortunately it was cloudy、The light from the city was reflected in the clouds, giving a nice feeling.。

From around the bridge in the photo above。Occasionally ships cross the river。Maybe a dinner cruise。

Flinders Street Station is just around the corner。The opposite bank is lit up with green and red lights.。

From "Princess Bridge" which connects to Flinders Street Station。It's safe here in Melbourne, so it's OK to carry a single-lens reflex camera and a tripod.。Basically, it's unsafe overseas, so it's nice to be able to carry the camera up to this point.。

From around the middle of the bridge。The night view from here was cloudy、It created a fantastic atmosphere。


Next time, I will introduce the night view of Flinders Street Station.。

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