Orlando tourism ~ WDW "Epcot" finale of fireworks and Disney Springs -

Finally Epcot also the final chapter。This is the last even as Florida Travels!

Killing time in the entrance area。Time soon sink sunset。

Figure of monorail that advances toward the sunset。

Symbol of Epcot”Spaceship Earth”Also it has been steeped in vermilion。

...... And when the flow

Completely day sank Epcot。Golf ball has been colored to clean。

Fountain in this entrance area。Us look at the performance to the music like a fountain of Bellagio in Las Vegas。Although、I scale'm completely amazing is better in Las Vegas。

Now、Soon to the World Showcase to see the finale of fireworks


Epcot closed down the upcoming finale

Epcot is 21:00To it's a closed down、The fool honest 21:00Do not come out until。21:00From because the finale is carried out in the lake of the world area。

The time is 20:40。Already might be better to come in 30 minutes before at least is to crowd take 😯 the front row had been able to so as to surround the lake。If the advice that to be careful, especially those who want to shoot fireworks in the single-lens reflex camera。

Immediately place the way this place went to World Showcase area。Italy Pavilion and the United States Pavilion is visible on the front。

21:00Just the fireworks launch start! There is a powerful than expected 😯

Colorful fireworks

I wonder I should have brought my tripod。even if you say so、No reason to take to clean the are you shoot listed above the camera with both hands because not a front row。

Uwaaaa! ! The sky to fire a laser beam while opening is the most important place is shake shake ...... Lake the center of the object!

The fireworks that great is、By projection light to the plume made of fireworks we are to produce a virtual screen in the night sky。This idea was great。

Finally finale to launch in the sky from all over the lake! this moment、All at once to the applause and cheers you Wakiagari! !

Well was awesome! There has been worth waiting until closed down time 😀


And after the Epcot to Disney spring

We will return when the fireworks end with you in droves。

The space ship earth characters? What what?”Presented by”??

SIEMENS! ! どうやらエプコット最大スポンサーは医療機器でも有名なSIEMENS(シーメンス)社だったんですね。Even so, the eyes in front of Uncle、I stand erect from a little while ago here、You did we place up eyeing this character?

The number of great people。I was standing here a few minutes、Really Hey come out endlessly droves people ......

But the way back, it was good even by taxi、Nde distance to think the person who took a taxi from Disney Springs was a cheap seems suddenly to Disney Springs。Nde But the landing did not know、Wearing the vest of yellow Could be really tell me the number and direction of the bus stop I asked the people of the Disney staff 😆

so、The bus's arrival was the。Starting immediately a person is full。Emergency to Disney Springs。


Disney Springs (Disney Springs)

Disney Springs arrival destination in a few minutes by bus。This Disney Springs is where the old days was called me Disney Downtown。So through to say to people who visited a long time ago Disney World What Disney Springs Masen。Disney Downtown and let's talk!

Best man ...... trouble again yellow location to not be found at all I've been thinking and immediately there is a taxi rank that got off、Say it's the other side of the white building was heard based on yellow vest ready (because it was woman)。I asked because do not know Nante white building、That's the other side that cut through the area of ​​who everyone is toward。Nantekottai 😕

In the shopping area ish location Once carried out on everyone。Also to hear music from here and there、Here also happily looks very tourist destination! Taxi rank was good without near the bus stop 🙂

Balloon flying in the sky looks like the real thing。What I there in Las Vegas Paris and Planet Hollywood is a balloon of fake Orlando is real? !

Straight Turn left road。Let Tsuiteiko in front of the children

STAR WARS shop's was in the left-hand side。Time is 21:30During business to have become in time。I guess are targeting still be finale way back customers。

White looked building! It would be of any Maybe the white building that was heard at the time of the earlier taxi rank。Even so amazing vibrant for night。Restaurant also full of people cafe。And security also good!

Disney Quest (Disney Quest)。This was the indoor attraction facility ...... that was the purpose of that to enjoy the Disney parks indoors。was、If the reason for the past tense、It seems in fact this facility had closed in 2017。Currently does not seem to put Unfortunately 😥 It seems reborn in the NBA of the facility。

White building this is the Kudan。Was a Cirque du Soleil I thought something。But because Cirque du Soleil will thinks whether many people you know、Global circus group。In Toka Las Vegas、Oh、And、car、And、This array Toka is famous Toka Mystia。

La Nouba is being done in this Orlando (Ranuba) are those in which the body of the performance in the main。So、People Mystia likes of Las Vegas I think here can also enjoy。

Safety、I found a taxi rank。Taking a Disney Springs before you take a taxi。

Just minute a customer to board the taxi had a crush ...... time、In ...... it seems to have beat me to the punch、I have stopped another taxi、It's it was a large wagon type of taxi、That ordinary passenger car type and the fee is the same。Was good it was good 😀


Disney World and Florida is the end or more! What 19 After counting the number of articles Orlando? ! It was long ...... Well、From the next time is the introduction of a new tourist destination!

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