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Located in the half per American Museum is just World area of ​​the previous article。Although the lake of the World area can also be a shortcut for that can be moved on the lake、Tteyuu is faster to walk because it is not so out flights。

Now、Resume from Morocco Pavilion next to the Japan Pavilion!


Morocco Museum (Morocco)

Characteristic Moroccan pavilion red wall! And say Morocco、If the tourist accustomed to have people Berber Toka Ait = we think we have the image of Ben-Haddou Toka。But here is Disney。でもモロッコが舞台のディズニーって何だろう?? かなり強引にアラジンとかかね? 😕  ジャスミンのグリーティングとかやっててくれれば分かりやすいんだけど残念ながらやっていないみたい

Concert hall。Time to become and in the rest for now I wonder performance begins。

Kingdom of Morocco! ! To say that the restaurant name Restaurant Marrakech in here area、Toka can enjoy Moroccan cuisine。By the way, I Marrakech is a major tourist cities of Morocco。

Likely it is in the world of the Arabian Nights landscape。I am surprised to pretty much I thought how few people because maniac likely I Morocco Museum 😥

After all, Morocco sense of progressing in the back。What would I have someone that camera shooting something further in the way of the back。

Photographing the subject is Barker wearing this child or 😮 Aladdin like a hat。And many shops like this、Selling product is the ratio of the costumes were many。

It was still Aladdin。Maybe Morocco of the stage of Aladdin in Disney manner!


France Hall (France)

From Morocco to France Pavilion。Speaking of France is the scene of Disney animation、The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Ratatouille、I There is also a Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast to represent the Aristocats and Disney!

The France Pavilion There is also a restaurant but very popular bakery and ice cream shop。

Short film here attraction also such the same way as the United States Pavilion。This screening time is 18 minutes。

To as soon as possible outside so was crowded garbage。Now the time is 15:30。Impatient impatient whether he really around all ... (because the introduction order of the blog went sightseeing the Future area from around the world area I have before and after)

There was also the Eiffel Tower but was found away from a little far away。Notre Dame Cathedral also because I have a Hunchback of Notre Dame also Naa wanted 😥

Is a blur and I am sorry to have gone ...... night France Pavilion。It reported comes those who are taken with a tripod in front of the eye。I also bring properly tripod when visiting the following here。


British House (The United Kingdom)

Remain at the last 2。The first is the British Museum。United Kingdom and Disney's animation is also very often was the scene。Merida and the forest of horrors、Peter Pan、Alice in Wonderland、It's Winnie the Pooh, etc.。

British streets? Also feel something, such as not so much United Kingdom Ppoku

Park replica of。

Just in the works is Uncle of garbage cleaning。

For? This United Kingdom-ish。London telephone box。Popular with children!

There was a public toilet。It will not be stuck in the toilet because the toilet is large in Maa theme park。

Or also related time zone、It was a little lonely feeling of the British House。I wonder about Buckingham Palace and Big Ben I wanted to make replica。


Canada Museum (Canada)

World Showcase last Canada Pavilion。What Bambi and Canada say the Disney animation that has become the stage? It seems Apparently hotel called Hotel De Glace Ana and snow Queen castle of models of ice that Elsa is made with of is in Quebec, Canada。

Crafts exhibition of indigenous First Nations of Canada。Also totem pole is towards the back。

Canadian Museum attraction of "O Canada" ad。It is intended that the nature of Canada can experience the panoramic screen。

Mysterious landscape First Nations and the medieval castle is a mix。

In the Canada Pavilion deepest showing location of this cave is O Canada。360You can enjoy the Canadian landscape in ° circle vision of。But、Just like screenings had just finished waiting 20 minutes Do ...... Yes path 😆

And waterfalls next to the cave。After all, Canada has a nature theme!


The provincial capital of British Columbia、Flower garden that mimics the Butchart Gardens in the town Victoria。Great have been in bad condition and firmly。

Gardens and caves、Where the castle overlooking。It was just felt good weather 😆


It ends World Showcase or more、We wait for the finale wait last until closed down。Epcot is 21:00The but kill time until Sonokoro because it is closed down。Although、Let's wait for the finale enjoy because there is attraction enough not troubled to kill time。

Next time finale of Epcot!

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