Reiwa's First Numazu Summer Festival "Kanogawa Fireworks Festival" This year, I'm going to take on the challenge of having two SLRs!

2019Carried forward on Monday for Saturday the typhoon year of Numazu summer festival。for that reason、The morning of the event scheduled Saturday has become canceled。That it ...... so it does not come a person be Dashimono on weekdays during the day、The morning hanging out and walking the Numazu Port、After that was relaxing in laid back and the house to begin the fireworks。

Let's immediately introduce a photo of fireworks since it is not even the way to lengthen the preface。It should be noted、State of the previous year of fireworks "2018Love live also year Numazu Summer Festival, Kano River fireworks display - this year! ~"The。I realize their own growth Looking at the photo of a year ago(Lol)

From fireworks the first day of the other side of the Eitai Bridge

Normal fireworks。The camera settings are basically the F value is 9、ISO is fixed at 100。The shutter speed is the main camera is BULB。The sub-camera is automatically taken every 5 seconds。Fireworks or to fine-tune the various settings in order to be launched 1 hour。

Upsurge of early。You see fireworks also flashy since the launch pad with it from this position in front of the launch pad and back is quite overlap。

This is a high resolution camera。Since the image resizing and quality we've dropped when placed on the blog、Although it is than the original image ended up Oita deterioration。

Sony SONY full size mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera α7RM4 body ILCE-7RM4

The camera I used is the α7RIII.、This α7RIV is now on sale。At that time, it was the α7RIII, which boasted SONY's highest resolution.。The α7RIII may also be a target as a model drop。

This is a high sensitivity camera。A camera dedicated to sensitivity at the expense of resolution。It's the Toka night view take to clean because the sensitivity is high easy to get color。Although、It is no need to stick to the sensitivity until there Nde bright in its own way it's fireworks。

created byRinker
¥488,000 (2024/06/16 08:02:59At the time of Rakuten Ichiba research-detailed)

I like the night view, so I love this S series.。I use the α7S II in my blog.、Like the R series, there is also a successor model called α7SIII.。

Also not see Niagara from the first day is was far from the launch pad、StarMine is now the main。And the benefits fit the entire fireworks without a wide-angle lens to shoot from here、We guess is that the fireworks can also be seen reflected in Kano

Fireworks Day 2

2The day second from near the launch pad。Since the launch pad to each other does not overlap with it from here、Enjoy twice in the front and back。And、The opening fireworks to also look good、It venue announcement also batch has the advantage that hear。

Will lose its near the top that it from near and not a wide-angle lens。So you may want to provide a wide-angle lens。I shoot switch the lens to wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle。

You can enjoy and firmly from the crackled sounds fireworks this place at this low altitude。Because not see very well done and I from a distance。

This is a wide angle of power!

Fireworks of Aqours I thought about was Sawagidashi。The name of the school idol group that appeared in the in the play of Love live Sunshine of Tteyuu this Aqours。In fact, it is also one of the largest sponsors of Numazu summer festival。Actually it seems there was a greeting's voice actor、Had passed through the recording voice to the organizer became on Monday。

Second half of the season。Since I had never met with such single-shot to camera。

Composition change to enter the city shifted next to the camera a little。The Numazu of fireworks in the major feature of launch in urban areas、It this is I'm also a popular reason

Simultaneous fireworks of last。Only leave the Niagara later in this。

Here again anime songs。Around it will be noisy。Annual "immature DREAMER" Niagara ignition while flow is the song of love live Sunshine of。Sponsor of Niagara Sunday Suruga Bank、And today is the fact that Aqours、In the atmosphere of each different song、It will be implemented。

Niagara also draws to a close。Even so, people who are riding in the front of the ship enviable。It is a privilege of sailors can be viewed close to the fireworks on the day of the fireworks。

Numazu summer festival of this year of the decree sum based on fiscal year ends at this。Much time Numazu is flourishing of the saw fireworks and Yosakoi Festival。Huh I can not wait for next year 😥

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