2019Year (Ryowa first year) Numazu summer festival this year also held Disney parade! !

But is the Kano River fireworks display of Numazu that introduces every year、A little different from the usual this year。Because、Not just love live Sunshine、That Disney parade is also carried out。

Will be Saturday is canceled followed by relationship also came typhoon this year to last year、It has become a Sun Moon held。Saturday also rain does not rain after all、On the other hand Sumida River fireworks display seems to have been held on the same day。Well、More judgment of management from getting to Shige Shuichi mayor feel that has become quite bad to 😥

Without the map this time you are always posted because not be helped also by placing another similar map!


Welcome、To Numazu。

Numazu summer festival poster, which is affixed to the Numazu Station。Appeal which issued the usual love live Sunshine on the front 🙂

Station during the day of the summer festival also busy! ……Although、Naa'm more large-scale performance has been done in front of the station when the previous Onuma mayor。Resulting in a comparison since really the previous mayor was too excellent

Numazu specialty Love live Sunshine Paint bus。It will change regularly handle。Blue paint this time is that the image of the sea。

Numazu Nakamise shopping street。This veil will change frequently。That this summer festival ver would be Sokusoto When the event is over。

But the love live Sunshine'm every year a new pattern、Under the characters loincloth use to clear。maybe、I wonder are overwriting the character in the "summer" I Tanabata。


Great success fireworks display is also in the event during the day

As directed from Numazu Station to Numazu Port car in the traffic control entry ban。Ikikai is mikoshi、Along the sidewalk lined with shops。

Riverside Hotel before this street。

I found an interesting shrine when I review photos。Why are stuffed Nesoberi of Kurosawa Rubyi of Love live Sunshine is attached。Mystery 😕

It had been held also taiko show in Jooka shrine。I had been watching sitting on the sidewalk of the guys across the street。


Store openings was worrisome

There is only became tapioca first year and the topic、There was such a store this year。Tapioca drink 1 cup of 500 yen!

Invitation If you think something Nagai skewered people walking while eating a snack often was this。Round and round potato。I think this also did not last year。

Game 3 barrage。Likely to miss because there was on a side street。


Tokyo Disney Resort - Special Parade ~

Disney parade is to climb road street from the three kindergartens Bridge。Distance to 1.2km。Is what has worked hard this scorching sun well。

By the way, this Disney parade、What that of the Tokyo Disney Resort came for free! Generous Disney's Nante。However、It's taking a considerable amount of money in preparation。Although you refrain from writing indeed the amount of money here、I received the impression that I wonder I quite take you me security bill。

Parade 18:00Despite the start、Already 15:00There was a person that has a place up from the front。Since we arrived in one hour before said that、Keep the second column per the middle of the entire process of the parade。Pass in front leading car of the eyes and wait for a while。

First, the local elementary school or junior high school or children's performance。

I rode in a Ferrari Numazu Sansan Lady of Watanabe Shahi and Chiba SakiAi。And in the middle of the talentYuki Fujiki

Next is from Azul Claro Numazu。The front is TERUYOSHI ITO、The back is Takuya Sugai、And central to Gon Nakayama that Masashi Nakayama。


Finally Mickey appeared!

Mickey Mouse finally ...... the previous vacant for a while interval! !

Someone between Mickey and Minnie and look good。

Ah ~、Ayumi Noguchi of Disney Ambassador! Well、Was Tsu AF miss。Because high-resolution roughness comes out ......

Mickey looked up

Behind Goofy and Pluto。

First, the first of which is the pass -。I do not care in this hot、It costume very likely。


Whether or not the next Donald? ! Thinks and、Local performance second edition。

Over to Donald & Daisy has been seen

Daisy Duck! I'm wearing sailor me Donald Duck Once common。

Behind chip & Dale。I was waving cheerfully likely。

This in two units first pass。This at Disney Special parade end! Helped'm free it was unsatisfactory as a parade。If you also then have a chance、I am happy and will do for a little more flashy 🙂


So because soon fireworks display starts will head to the riverbed is responsible for the camera and tripod by two -

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