I went with Best route (3 Australian dollars) from Sydney city to Domestic Airport!

At last the day to leave the Sydney we have been doing。Today in the early morning of the airplane to Tasmania in Hobart。so、But I will go to Sydney Domestic Airport general travelers using the airport link to pay about 1,500 yen、So I went in the root-friendly money will introduce the route。

It should be noted、For the lowest price route from Sydney International Airport to the city "I went with Best route (about 3 Australian dollars) from Sydney airport to the city!Please refer to the "🙂


Great route from Sydney city to Domestic Airport

The nearest station of the Domestic Airport is Mascot (Mascot) station。So、It becomes a different route from the international airport。Mascot Railway Station is not taken is an airport charge。Is large can be saved only at 1000 yen or more off at one stop before。

Distance as much as 1km walk、The road also was not very far, even while rolling purr a carry bag because it is paved with firmly。


Central from (Sydney Central) station to Mascot Station

Starting here Central Station。Be sure to ride the thing via Mascot station!

We arrived at the platform。Action so as soon as possible while rolling a carry bag。

This train because it is written with the Mascot in an electric bulletin board。The next station there is the next in the Green Square Mascot。6I boarded the train after minute。

Mascot station arrival -。Full MASCOT to the wall 😆

By the outskirts of the Suburban、It is mean that appeal that the Sydney suburb -

There are no turnstiles is unattended。Even so, Do not get off is amazing the number of people。I initially thought that everyone or go to the airport、Who was not the person to go to one person Airport。Perhaps attendance set。

Welcome to Mascot Station!

Come with a single no transfer if from Circular quay, etc., which are written here。I've spent a transfer because Been to this time Kings Cross

Exit there is only one。If it keeps up to everyone OK


From Mascot Station to Sydney Domestic Airport

Turn left out of the station。Here to the direction。

Straight along the road。

Come more gradually green。To the right across the road。

Qantas (Qantas) aviation building。

Subtle curve road

(Oriodan street) is the confluence。Proceed may not follow the road。

Sidewalk has become narrower 😥

Pullman Sydney Airport

Five-star hotel near Sydney Domestic Airport。Who is here that want to taste the luxury mood。

ibis Sydney Airport

This is two-star hotel。It is a popular ibis for those seeking a COSPA good travel

Still straight even past the hotel。

Finally guide plate Airport。Another soon destination。

We get to the airport if the right turn this state straight to、Somehow turn right here。

Evil likely way street somehow security。Night do not want absolutely to walk 😥

Turn left at the bottom of the corner。

Straight here until the abutment

Pass through this narrow place。

Turn right out to the main street。This narrow sidewalk Tekuteku

Intersection of the boulevard between。The destination is look to the right in front、Sydney's Domestic Airport!

Cross the signal。

Proceeds suitable guide plate street because it is within the grounds of the other airports。

Character discovery of Domestic!

After you go to the purpose of the terminal to sign street only。

Check-in counter is the second floor of the domestic airport。We were able somehow arrived safely!


Virgin Australia (Virgin Australia) Airlines check-in

To use this time Virgin Australia。Initially I was going to use the Jet Star, but、Baggage restrictions Toka 7kg、Decision to here airline Nde various constraints were Mendokusaka'。It's quite a lot of luggage so had the camera and tripod。

……so、Tremendous matrix If you see the check-in counter。I'm glad sure that you arrive at the airport early -

This will check in at the machine。

Ticketing flights Tasmania Hobart flights。Because come with tags for luggage together Chaimashou attached to carry bag receiving and firmly。

Prohibited Items List。No place in particular, it has changed、Same standards as general aviation company。

The gate was also crowded horrendously。Early why these morning will'm trying to catch everyone airplane?


Boarding the aircraft of Hobart flights

It will head to pass through the long had security check to the boarding gate。

Jet Star。I truth'm was going to ride to the array。

Ride of here this time。Cheaper than Qantas but higher than the Jet Star。Flight service requires attention because it is paid。


Sydney ends at this。The following Australian resort to "Tasmania"!


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