Overlooking the Opera House from the opposite shore "Milsons Point"

Although we arrived traced to Circular Quay by ferry from Parramatta、Try toward the opposite shore of Milsons point before the day sunset。I as it is to be going to Milsons Point from if you use the F4 ferry、Dare whether let's go by train。


Route map "Circular Quay - Milsons Point"

If you go by train from Circular Quay to Milsons Point requires transfer。Once to go to the next to the Wynyard (Wynyard) station、You will go from there to Milsons Point (Milsons Point) station。

The easiest way But it's such to ride the F4 ferry from Circular Quay。


From Circular Quay Station to Milsons Point Station

To come many times in Circular Quay until now、That the first time I came to the station platform。

Re-recognize that Sydney Datte big city and look out from the station。We immediately boarded since the metro came。

Board the train of North Sydney bound by the following Wynyard station。Always Next Station is to ride in what has become Milsons Point!

Milsons Point station arrival。Surprisingly far from the Harbor Bridge。You will return to walk from here to the Parramatta River。


Milsons Popint (Milsons Point) out of the station to the river

Only directed towards the Harbor Bridge along the line。There is a good atmosphere has spread green, such as can picnic。

Ish arrived on the other Harbor Bridge。

I had come to Sydney Luna Park parking lot。Let's get off to the left of the stairs。

Not enter from here。For the time being to the entrance。


Luna Park Sydney (Sydney Luna Park)

Entrance with an unreal presence。We've also looked at from the ferry also from the Opera House、There is a more powerful when it is near。

By the way, the ferry is here。Right in front of the entrance of Luna Park。Come by train as long as there is no compelling reason meaning Nasage。

Admission is free。So to the time being in。

Ticket office。Other 1-day ticket、A passport (Annual Pass) is also of throughout the year。1-day ticket is about 52 Australian dollars。

There are many families with children looking at the customer base。Kana feeling local families facing amusement park than tourists from abroad。

Mysterious corner or something Laughing CLOWN。Everyone there was no playing not know what kind of attraction of the。

I'm only'm there are many attractions that do not know the contents name、I feel that I wonder who play relatively nowhere。

It has been late is gradually day。I can not afford to have around all unfortunately。

Round around guy Aboard。Guy likely to become popular there anywhere in the amusement park。

Harbor Bridge View from the Luna Park。


Luna Park second half of the season

When you pass through the underpass Luna Park to the rear half portion。It seems there is a picnic area and a guest locker。but、It Ja mon in the common entrance What locker?

Locker discovered under the stairs! ……However、Not it a pretty hard when you have heavy luggage I is under the stairs 😕

The moment you escape the underpass、Strange gate in front of the eye。Meaning of the spiral is the WHIRLER。

Soon deepest。


Lavender Green Picnic Area (lavender green picnic area)

Here is a picnic area。The name is Lavender Green Picnic Area be that is in bloom lavender and become (lavender green picnic area) time。

Anyone Let's go back because there is no ...... way that has not been a picnic now。


Looking night scenes point

Luna Park escape walking along the river。The wind feels good 🙂

It has been lit up to soon feel good also Ferris wheel。

Point Harbor Bridge and the Opera House can be seen at once discovered! As we take a night view here later、On the other side, which was passed under the Harbor Bridge to find whether there is a night view point to the other。

I returned to the ferry wharf of Milsons Point。This time wicket the Harbor Bridge Mars

The back side of the Harbor Bridge 😆

Let's a little more advanced Opera House and Harbor Bridge and Sydney buildings even from here but it is likely to take a total of containing。

People who are tripod installed in around here there were a lot。Probably you do a night view shooting point。I guess let's wait for this state day sunset。


Sydney night view from Milsons Point

I waited until the Twilight time! Port city Sydney superb view 😆

One back to the previous location。This Sydney tourism also last。Somehow emotional。Tomorrow I will be going to Tasmania。

It should be noted、Other Sydney night view "...... from the Sydney Tower Eye? ! This is the Southern Hemisphere the best night view!"When"Night view photographing the projection mapping of the Opera House! From Sydney Tower Eye to Circular Quay penetrate the Sydney heartlandThere also means because introduced in "!


This in Sydney tourism end! Next destination Tasmania ...... But I'd like to introduce you to cheap route of the last from Sydney to Sydney Domestic Airport!



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