Journey of chillin water ferry - to Sydney from Parramatta -

I waited at the ferry landing of Parramatta、Finally arriving ferry to the wharf。We boarded the ferry at the same time when the gate is opened。


Ferry route From Parramatta to Sydney

From Parramatta to Sydney is about 25km。Will this distance to be advanced over a period of one hour a little。Since the article is likely to be long Let's enter the Sassa and content。


Ferry boarding

This river in the direction。Harbor Bridge in the far destination、I wonder I have a Sydney Opera House。

Ready to board the ferry waiting for the gate to open!

Everyone boarded all at once。...... but seems out of the bench it is popular again was delayed to ride when I take photos、I am standing in the front row of some of the ferry interested。But it was maintained at this time the left front、The best is probably Jindoru the left front。Because、Since the Circular Quay entering turn right from the upstream side you look without being disturbed and Sydney Opera House。

By the way, the inside of the ferry is such。So sorry ...... windows Te shake is not open to the outside if you want to enjoy the wind。


Parramatta set sail!

Scenes from the ferry foreground。Video both feel it has taken, such as I said the same thing in the article try kana ...... even before Blue Mountains even upload to YouTube If you have increased the number of access article。

The starting of the annual street。Farewell Parramatta!

You down a peaceful river。The river is about to change in the river of about consuming Harbor Bridge after 1 hour、I do not even think at this stage。

Under the James Ruse Drive Bridge wicket Mars。

And ferry from for some time forward and the other side is。And from Sydney have Kawakami Rioshi、Will the place soon get to the end point Parramatta。

Amazing the number of people。Maybe more than here ferry。Even so, that I come to Parramatta on this time、Or locals、Or wonder if the people who are taking the inn to Parramatta?

By the way it has become increasingly cold。It's body comes cold and are working on the river air at Gee Innovation standing state。Like some people have been prepared protection against cold is in the customer。Even so carefully prepared and windbreaker。Admiration 🙄

The first stop is approaching。

Rydalmere (Raidarumea)。Rashiku city of Sydney suburbs、Sights not hear much but looks good to live in if there is a park Toka Shopping Center。


Of Parramatta river river also to spread midstream

Sun also been lowered further temperature been late a little more cold ...... 😥

Have spread the width of a river much is difficult to swim across the other。It is painful to wind becoming stronger as the river widens。Recommended that more of the ferry ride scheduled to bring a jacket even in the summer。

Bus stop。Now for the fine size likely。

Sydney Olympic Park (Sydney Olympic Park)。If I thought it a beautiful place、It seems to be going where it was improved probably according to the Sydney Olympic Games of 2000。

Soon arrival。

And departure。


From midstream to downstream

Not Do not cross a dip from the other shore to shore。

Next stop。

Meadowbank (Medobanku)。Likely area that something is indigenous Aboriginal culture of Australia remain。

And Ikika' boat a lot。Over it mon that small Parramatta river was much growth 🙂

In the Brays Bay (Blows Bay) Rivendell School (Rivenderu school)。It seems to be a special needs school。Great location。

Kissing Point (Kissing points)。Pretty intense name。Wharf in the previous whiff of Kendall Bay (Kindoru Bay)。

Sydney looked towards the far away! Well understood that the big city and view from here。

The next stop came into view on the other side of the Wangal Park where there is a Flag of Australia (one gal Park)。

Cabarita (Cabarita)。Ish around here there are many golf courses。

It was just where the stroller gets off。Ferry properly barrier-free already。

Abbotsford (Abbotsford)。A quiet area that is from Sydney in a place called about 30 minutes by ferry or bus。Apartment often。Live in around here than many people are through to Sydney。

Huge bridge you will see。

Chiswick (Chiswick)。Around here is it seems to be a luxury residential area。

Big bridge was approaching。

Huntleys Point (Hantorizu points)。Interval of softening stop is I have become smaller and smaller。Here I'll just came to the opposite shore from Chiswick。

so、You will be passing under the bridge that finally some of this presence。Gladesville Bridge strength likely that (Guradisubiru Bridge) name。

You can see that the city of Sydney has become much larger。


Looked、Harbor Bridge! !

The the? ! By chance it looks towards the left than a Harbor Bridge? ! ? !

Drummoyne (Doramoin)。Or something overlooking the best views of the Sydney waterfront from here。

Island with a strong presence。

The number of birds is amazing 😯

Quite gorgeous stop came into sight。

Cockatoo Island (Cockatoo Island)。The old days jail、Juvenile homes、Island prison had been established。San Francisco Alcatraz like a image? At present, it has been inscribed on the World Heritage as "Australian Convict Sites"、Campground Also there is a tourist destination。

Bigger and bigger it seemed to come Sydney city。

You can see the Sydney Tower Eye quite clearly in another naked eye。


Darling Harbor arrival

Familiar landscape。RightPyrmont district。The leftBarangaru protected areas。And it is to rush from nowDarling Harbor

Wharf who came from the land in the previous article。Port of call this time by ferry。

So the final destination to the "Circular Quay"!


And ...... to Circular Quay

Pass under the Harbor Bridge overlooking the Barangaru protected areas。There is no photo because of the much photographed the video actually from here。We had a lot of guys commemorative photograph when passing through the side of the Sydney Opera House。

We arrived at the Circular Quay end also water of the journey of little over an hour。It was put in Sydney before somehow the sun goes down。Or a little happy because there was no way anyway cold。But I'm glad if the rumbling on board If you did not bring a camera。


Next time facing to the opposite shore "Milsons Point (Milsons Point)" in the Circular Quay by train、Sydney night view watching!

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