Tourism Sydney second of the business district the "Parramatta" and crispy

But came to an end and Blue Mountains tourism is still physical strength Ariamari。Let's head to the ferry while tourism slowly because Parramatta residence time was about 1 hour。


Walking map "Parramatta (Parramatta)"

From Parramatta station to the ferry that Parramatta wharf there is a distance of about 500m。Because the south side of the station has spread shopping mall、And Is not that the time trouble in the crush。Go without this time is to that side、I tried to explore the north side。

I've got a stupid big park Tteyuu further advance and Parramatta Park from the left edge of the map (Parramatta Park)、Since there is only tourist time of 1 hour pass。To a picnic and sports and wonder if the best of the location of the。

You might have the option of Sydney hotels to take the inn to a high of if around here。


There is also a place where can stay even at about 10,000 yen in the period immediately before and seen the hotel rates for quite conscientious compared to Sydney。When various changing the date of the above to try、5000You will also notice that there is a day that can stay in the circle bill。Darling Harbor、Since up to Circular Quay is a single without the transfer on the water ferry, but flights are good、A little cold that's winter、Although there are disadvantages that can not be tourism Sydney until late at night。



Parramatta Square (Parramatta Square) hanging around the neighborhood

Guide plate as soon as leaving the station。Here straight 800m、Let's aim there it means that get to the Visitor Information Center in about 12 minutes。

We arrived at the Parramatta Square -。We have received the atmosphere, such as there are many local people than tourists。

Parramatta St. John's Cathedral (St. John’s Cathedral Parramatta)

It might be put in because people had to come out from within。But Well Cathedral system rush ahead so were proficient in Sydney。

This is Parramatta city hall (Parramatta Town Hall)

The building was a small。Since Sunday today near the entrance have the inlet is closed is deserted。Clean you Darrow glowing shiny Christmas tree at night

Fountain that springs up from the ground。I think there was also in Sydney's Darling Harbor for such a such a。

Innocence great that children are drenched though it is casual not'm happily 🙂 apparently swimsuit。

By the way, here it is named I centimeter Nally Square (Centenary Square)。Until today write articles I thought I wonder if part of the Parramatta Square。Night Toka'm shining brilliantly this fountain is in the illumination。You will not only be seen Parramatta Guests。


Visitor Information Center to the (Visitor Information Centre)

The northern end of the square。From here to the north。Well、It has changed a little atmosphere。Security is a little evil likely。

It is seen that the security is not bad at least this time zone in the manner of this business。Since become stolen when I lined up outside the shop in places like Sri there are many!

Seven-Eleven。Frequently seen Do this convenience store in Australia。

Further north Church Street the (Church St)。Tighten a little care because the streets is somehow off guard can such unlikely。But it remains hanging the camera on the shoulder 🙂

Finally arrived at the bridge。Here Parramatta River。It seems to immediately Visitor Information Center if Do not cross this bridge。

Parramatta River。After the ferry landing If we cage here to downstream。

First to the Visitor Information Center。I There is a character of the "i" of Information to the building along the front of the river

Overlooking the Parramatta River from the middle of the bridge。Birds are also swimming in the population。It's this kind of environment good

……so、Visitor Information Center had closed。Apparently Sunday seems to rest。I mean、Sunday what I think we should be operating(^^;)


Stroll along Parramatta River

The river because there is no way those that are closed。

Prohibitions Lots。That it is up to 2,000 Australian dollars and violation。Even so, I wonder if that I had a golf Toka Toka horse riding to people?

I no be violated because the walk。Enjoy the paved walk way 🙂

Bird's also seems to spend leisurely holidays

Since the middle of the way to be able to traverse the opposite bank of the Parramatta River river while zigzag -

Around here 's a security looks good。Even so, such a small river is time to for me something interesting becomes wider as must cross over at the Harbor Bridge to go to Sydney 😆

Monument memorial flagpole。Is not that what particular。

The bridge that this greater presence wicket Mars

It aims to ferry。

The bird is full!

Oh! Reed、Let's go up there!

Duck is taking a break 😛 was some time healed by observing the bird。


Ferry "Parramatta wharf (Parramatta Wharf)" arrival

Ferry was visible from the bridge。Apparently it just arrived。

Finally ferry arrival。While the droves and people are descended from in

that? Do not forget to tap the opal card when I thought to catch the ferry is also coming to or Naa 😕 the way ride back from you in ...... preparation has gone somewhere。I think familiar anymore truly。

Because ginger not wait to sit on the bench。Actually、Location up of the ferry you had better have towards the front row because it is quite important。Especially Truly important if you take Toka videos!


Non-stop voyage next time by ferry to Circular Quay!

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