Oasis in the Orlando tourist-center "Eola Lake" -

Lake Eola it Eola lake that was finally arrived! It is a place of peace in the heart of downtown Orlando。

Lake Eola lake is located in the middle of Eola Lake Park。Reasonably large puddle is in the in the decent center of roughly around 600 ~ 700m。Let's facing towards the northwest of the Lynx Central Station around all round from the direction of the southwest this time!

It is seen neatly maintenance and cleaning has been a lake and within the grounds of the park from a bad downtown of security。Also loose all at once tension。

Close to the lake。Somewhere in the resort like a landscape! To swan pleasure boat of the sound of smth. Floating in the distance。Very heart will peace 😆

It is a swan。Also we have ducks in the back。Look、Chikayoreru until so close。

Swan and skyscrapers collaboration。Shoot!

Huge fountain in the middle of the lake。Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain (Linton E. And it comes with a very much a named Allen Memorial Fountain)、So it was made in 1957, which celebrated the Orlando 100th anniversary。At that time, I was was the name of the state as it Tteyuu 100 Anniversary fountain、Thing and with the name of the banker Allen's Orlando after。

1980Toka very lake to age had been flooded with seemed vagrants and prostitutes there was a time that has been contaminated。Therefore, the results of lake beautification plan was launched、It seems to have regained the current beautiful park, such as the。

Swan boats in the fountain right in front of。In fact it has been clean light up at night this fountain、It's us to create a landscape to become a picture along with the skyscrapers in the background、Abandoned this time because it is not only stay in downtown hotels is to truly come here to the bad night of security。

Now、I would like to have admired the scenery、Let's hurry ahead because it is clogged scheduled。

Well I do not know object。Let 's stop the littering so in the park have been installed trash here and there

The view from here is very good! Night view What a beautiful Naa ......

skateboard、Roller blades、Bicycle rode prohibited!

Oh? Something in events?

And the statue was built some。Ah、It Mahatma Gandhi in front。The other to be of South American liberator Simon Bolivar、Cuban Revolution's José Martí、There is a bronze statue, such as Mexico's independence leader Miguel Hidalgo, chair, Kosutira。

It Market。Naa encounter a profusely market today but Winter Park also'm so。

Kke see Lake Eola Park sign。Now、And after the market again to the journey of the lake around。

O ...... swan has passed to avoid because there is no ...... the way you are blocking the road。

Also you Ja too closes ...... these guys road sleeping?

Great number of birds I tried to face the Eola lake swim。

Also I like the scenery from here!

Or or。Oidoke。

Exactly the poisoning no sign。I decided to pass to avoid because there is no way。

Toilet discovery。Here, of course, it is free because it is the United States。

I Even so, many bronze statue。

What this guy。Apparently swan there is a habit of sleep and the body to the pillow by folding a long neck。Something interesting 😆

This means that there's gonna be happening

Let me once taken from this angle。The other side corresponding to the location of the approximate location that here was taken at the beginning。

I guess what are you thinking I birds remains on top of the Aiu bar。

The bronze statue。Now ish military personnel。

It is unreal plant。Fussafusa。Oro? Toying children with the object of yellow something in the way of the left。That is、By chance ...? !

ohhhhhhhh! ! Duck children's ーーーー! ! kawaeeee! ! !

Peppy since it was healed。Pagoda located to the left (pagoda) is”Thing”What is referred to me、It seems that as the United States and China of friendship of the testimony was a gift from Nelson Iengu (Nelson Ying)。

What statue warped Ano back is。

I was behind swan sleeping Once the child is thought to be commemorative photo。That sleeping and appearance is I'm still funny。

Beak is buried in the fuselage

Object of hordes of birds。I wonder Maybe this would also do is light up Once at night。

Whether the swan boats are available for rent on here。30Minute 15 US dollars。1 person 30 minutes three US dollars if ride in five of MAX。1Per minute 10 cents。cheap!

What's this。Art work lying on the ground?

Or the identity of the colorful dome that appeared on the other side of the lake was this。In the open air concert field Tteyuu Walt Disney Amphitheater (Walt Disney Amphitheatre)、It seems lakeside concerts and performances are held。I mon's Disney Speaking of Orlando。But surely surprise and was also advanced to the downtown 😯

The end of tourism of Lake Eola Park that Eola Lake Park at this。Kana was Maware in about roughly 30 minutes? You might just fun to visit with picnic mood at Toka family。Prepared to deal I Orlando traveling alone because ......


Next time you directed from the Lynx Central Station 4 to the Florida Mall, which is one of the large shopping mall。

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