Orlando tourism to 4 large mall tour ② Florida Mall -

This route of going to Florida Mall after returning from Lake Eola Park that Eola Lake Park until the Lynx Central Station。

Continue to brief introduction to until the Lynx Central Station from Eola lake in the previous article so much trouble that。There is such a church the way。

so、I have close to here also that Bank of America building。

Now、The main subject to the Florida Mall。This street in the entire map。Florida Mall is about 10km from the Lynx Central Station。

To begin with、Find the bus through the destination of Florida Mall、Try and No. 7 by tracing from there to Lynx Central Station、107Ban、441We can see that is going in the bus number。Moreover, these number 7、107Ban、441I will go without if the bus number transfer。

Actually, it's there is also a way to go Noritsui using the number 8 bus、As Lynx you know is not in operating only basically in 1 hour intervals、Because the timing is bad to wait nearly two hours as of this morning、Let's obediently take the direct flights as long as there is a direct flight。

It will not be able to wait so long options 3 Tsumo。In fact the No. 107 bus immediately from the Lynx Central Station was starting。

As usual Black Only is in the bus。Becoming crowded middle、I I have been asked to pull the window side of the rope to the aisle uncle because it was sitting at the window。I think I think this Do not convenient because it can to stay in Where is Japan of the bus can press get off button。

Ah、I guy in the picture above the right end of I the window of the rope。Articles of VinelandPhoto re-active for the not read readers。Bus in Orlando will be a drop-off sign pull the rope instead of getting off button。

The building does not feel such Tsu taste and go straight to the building off the bus stop。For the time being and with the after Because such as that went into everyone。It should be noted、Florida mall hours are basically 10:00~22:00。Just to be safe when visiting theFlorida Mall's official websiteIn I think it may be confirmed。

Finally admission、Florida Mall。Just good temperature have heard the air conditioning is in。Likely to be shopping normally even on rainy days because there is a roof。

Anyway wide。Shop everywhere。Also you're shopping space in the middle of such intersection。

I ended up throwing foot a monopoly on the other guys rest too 🙂 aunt also 2 seater sofa 1 person。I hope also there is the battery charge。It is a good idea to bring charger of the smartphone for just in case。

I tried to go out。H&It M。To each other and properly planted palm trees are made Ppoku Resort。

I there ZARA Toka also Forever21。Around here'd be that of fast fashion area。

Playground equipment Square。Tteyuu here keep in Asobase the children can be shopping。Ah、Towards the upper left are written me "Welcome"! I wonder if you many Japanese。

Now let's enter into from here。

High ceilings。The atmosphere was little changed from the earlier of the area。

Map of Florida Mall entrance。It is wide

Break space which is in some places。It is resting while doing everyone smartphone。Of course, the smartphone charger also available。

Dining pavilion。That's the so-called Food Court。

Too wide is also a dining pavilion There is only shopping mall is too wide。And it is buried seats。

I wonder because Nobody 'guy you have a place like this photo shoot。It was stared from the people in the diet 😐

The appearance of the dining pavilion。Has been making Florida Mall is that you can enter and exit from anywhere。

A little walk outside。Or try to enter from here。Dillar’s。

Dillar the I's are a leading department store that the United States developed as a center of Florida and Texas。

Because the department store is not the only apparel。We deal also Toka such furniture。

Dick’s。Sports Store。

Casual inside the store as compared with the earlier。

Once in the Florida Mall pass through the shop Crayola (Crayola)。This company is color-related manufacturers。We are dealing with Toka as crayons Toka marker of the company name in the professional company。Mascot character was also clearly aware of the crayon design。Recently seemed are also expanding into Toka solar business、It seems actively to reduce the environmental impact by the private power generation。

Round and round the code to something woman of image。It Is Illumination。

The previous image was the possession of this restaurant。It's not seen much that's Japan Toka the meatballs to the main。

Crayola There is also a private entrance house。Also unique in its own way appearance because such company is a design life。

Florida Mall entrance to the immediately adjacent。And the entrance of the restaurant, which was the previous image to the immediate left。Full of inlets。

A little wide range。Since parking are so as to surround the Florida Mall、If you visit in the Toka car rental you will not be stuck in the parking lot。

Macy's (macy's)。This department store that is based in New York。

Formal and atmosphere There is only department store。I guess will compete with Dillar's。

Let's go in soon because it was walking around just outside。

Mannequin who are taking various poses。

m found at last&m! Large m in the Florida Mall&I found at last I had written that there is a m shop。

A little different from the other stores in the feeling in the was a bit darker shop。Are filled Even so, in the shop at the smell of chocolate。

m not just chocolate&m goods are also sold。Such paint car is also on display。Fun just looking at。

Mascot also out of the store。A little bossy and in partnership foot。

The entrance is surprisingly simple。It is also not not see a little bit if there was just flashy sober de Crayola。

That it is directly connected to the Florida MallFlorida Hotel。It might be good to stay here is people who want to enjoy shopping in the evening。Florida Mall 10:00~22:00Since the opening hours it's night shopping playing daytime efficiency is be better。

It has led at the mall and contact passage like this。Break space here is a little luxury there is also TV also table 😛

It is that also contains up to Microsoft。Roughly propaganda of XBOX。

That is right next to Apple。Around here seems to area of ​​IT manufacturers。

Children were sitting on the ground。Gaijin of children seems to love to Dari lying or sitting on the floor。

There is a large restaurant in softening intersection。

Sushigmi。That sushi。SUSHI looks very popular abroad! Restaurants, but it's wide、The audience was also quite buried。

Arrival to the bus stop。I just got off to when I came。It does not mean doing a cheap sale Unlike the outlet malls, such as the Vineland、Feeling enjoy a wide range of shops。4 shop number among the large shopping mall is by far。


Now、Next to the Mall at Millenia! Since there is no direct bus it will be a little hard way ...... 😥

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