Orlando tourism to 4 large mall tour ① Vineland -

The first day is already the afternoon we arrived in Orlando。Also to have accumulated fatigue、And I should Yolo only outlet mall near the time being I did not want to do too much long walk。

By that there is a 4 large outlet mall in Orlando、Much trouble because I came to Dari Orlando-kun, I will try by all。Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando、Because there are a lot of Shiwarudo and tourist attractions, such as such as NASA、Blog It would be one of the few that are introduced Nante Outlet Mall domination tour、I wonder if there is some demand? By the way, we will introduce at a later date since the supermarket tour that is not likely of more demand。

This time we stayed in the Crowne Plaza Hotel、We aim to Vineland Outlet Mall from there。As positional relationship of the above。Huh ...... Vineland hindsight maybe ...... it No was close to Disney World the most efficient that say、I think the Vineland and Disney World that it can go in the set。

so、Because not interesting is to win the just simply 4 large outlet mall as this blog、I think from International Drive around with this Crowne Plaza and want to go with a local bus to the Outlet Mall。

But this route bus'm Tteyuu Lynx、It is bad exceedingly reputation。Orlando is Toka'm the famous and tourists as security is poor city in the top class among the nation Never use a route bus。fact、We stayed a few days but not meet as one person to tourists in the bus、And I have said to use a taxi or Uber was asked for directions by bus to the hotel reception。So、Self in to be examined in the Internet 🙁

We will head to the Information Center from First Hotel。In fact, those that only 4.5 dollars to get in and out many times a day and sell what one day become a bus ticket to the Information Center。1Calculation in which the original can be taken if ride round fare of 2.0 US dollars a so three or more times。Since the meantime today it is not ride only two times back and forth you decided to buy a ticket on the bus。So I've to buy a 1-day ticket for the next day。By the way, this bus ticket is like can be purchased on the Internet。Once the link destinationHereI。

It should be noted、Watch out because not out your fishing in the bus in Orlando。Firmly and let's two US dollars available。

The hotel is like this。Of global chainCrowne Plaza HotelOnce、Respectable hotels of four-star。Rich man's is that's around thisHyatt RegencyWe stayed at Toka。

Next to the Information Center of written me over there of Canon shop。So to buy a one day ticket for the next day wait for the bus。

By the way, this is a bus Tteyuu notorious Lynx。Tourists do not ride。Most were black men were riding in practice。And not to the bus stop is written nothing。Of course in even the destination of there 's no time table。So it does not become to be kept by examining the destination and the landing in advance。

Here one advice。How to use this route bus is speak English、It is difficult to be a person who is accustomed to some extent trip。While you enjoy easy explanation to understand it is prima facie in the article、It is very If the English or could not speak when there was something。In fact It might be a little feeling when you ignored because blacks come or come speak at Toka in the bus will be taken bad。

If you are looking for a destinationLynx HomeI while the map to reference。For example, this time of the destination because Premium Outlets Vineland、Make sure that the number 8 bus is passed through from the map。And、For now the current hotels that I have stayed facing the road of Sand Lake、We must think how to go including transfer from the bus stop in the vicinity of the。

It is not that no transfer because this time is to go in only with bus number 8 is very easy!

Now、Story returns。Luckily the bus was coming soon。It has this happens in。So' the shooting so I do not put a camera in a bad place of such security。This window side momentum the rope like a for which there is a well-pull and us staying in the next bus stop when you get off。

This time was not well understood because it was the first time ride、It gave me respond to kindness I "I tell it in the getting-off station", "Vineland outlet let me go to the mall!" You asked me to driver。

Ah ~、That's it。The Lynx、You may want to see where to get off connect to Wi-Fi in you were worried about smartphone so cheeky to run through Wi-Fi。Wi-Fi I knew the next day I will lead, but I!

If you think that says something in front of the seat "FUCK TRUMP" ...... truly Lynx。Nikki let me scare from the first day。

so、arrival。Fare two US dollars depreciation too。To the one-way 10 US dollars If you come by taxi。Suddenly McDonald's in front of me。Through because it is not hungry separately。

It has started late Yabbe another day。If Ne hurry

Indeed Outlet Mall。And pun or there is a fountain。

Probably guess over there it would be the entrance so found the character of the Premium Outlets (ORLANDO PREMIUM OUTLETS) on the other side of the road。

Somehow shopping center ish。Contact、American Eagle logo discovery!

Kana are coming late a little day also。But Orlando'm bad security、Such tourist destination it's security good。The camera can also be poised in the room Thanks。

GUESS! Or there is a fountain、Beautiful Outlet Mall。

food court。Also but later enter into this、Now I want to keep around one way before the day fall。

Mouth of Truth? It has occupied the front of the children。

A little leaving the mall and fountain。Fairly wide pond。


Fear ......

so、Again to the Outlet Mall。

This time into the food court。

Vending machine in front of the。It is different a little Japan for the design。m&Vending machine also features of m and Pringles。

These are in。Well ordinary food court。

so、Here in trouble trying to exchange the Japanese yen to the US Dollar。Apparently after all fees is higher in an attempt to Hikioroso at the ATM to somehow ...... try Toka taken $ 5 more than in uniform at the time of exchange to the dollar from the exchange the Japanese yen in the United States。Since The reason for this is stronger than the US dollar than a very simple Japanese Yen。I No high fees currency exchange to the currency with demand。Dollars and the euro, such like are without local、It will as always go from Change in Japan。

Already the day was after dark when I various fighting knee-chan of currency exchange shop。Clean Ya I also Outlet Mall, which is lit up。I knew I would forget the trouble of a little while ago

Japan had the sinking almost。People have also been reduced

Shopping cart discovery。It is the same guy as there is to the airport。

Rainy day seven US dollars。More I high airport?

Total darkness。Would you like I do you free soon because it is not even the way to linger more。Even so, night view is also quite beautiful。

Goodbye Vineland Outlet Mall。And earnest Orlando tourism is starting from tomorrow!

By the way, the bus of the way back, but I'm not to be ridden on the same red bus from ...... Vineland waiting for about 45 minutes had been riding to Crowne Plaza、And Kinasa' just green bus。And finally to ride in the red because the bus came When you have to buy the ticket from the driver because it was asked me "ticket with that?" "I have," he said Once the guy to show you have in hand "OK" or said to be free received。Transfer within 90 minutes if asked to get a transfer ticket is likely free when apparently one ticket to get off。so、Seems was mistaken and I forgot to get a transfer ticket because it was foreign、Moreover, it was supposed to be me I may not or newly bought there is also because the bus was late、When I learned later(Lol)So that you've made tourism round-trip $ 2 that。


Next time you try to go to downtown that most security is bad in Orlando!

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