Liverpool tourism Arudahei pediatric surgery hospital - to the world's most advanced medical care in the field! ~

I will go to Alderhei Pediatric Surgery Hospital with a one-day bus ticket 🙂

Reusable Bus Terminal 1 Photo! From here, take the 10A bus from platform 4 and get off at Eaton Load.。No transfer。

Reuse this image again! From Queen's Square, take a 10A bus from Platform 4。Easy access 😀

Alder Hey Hospital is so big that you won't miss it。When you get off at the bus stop called Eaton Load, the entrance is right in front of you。This is a pediatric surgery hospital famous for the highest level of medical care in the world.。


Briefly explain this facility (if you are not interested, you can skip it)。

Alder Hay Pediatric Surgery Hospital、Built in 1914 during World War I, it has a history of over 100 years.。1991Entered the NHS in the year。NHS is a national health care service that divides the United Kingdom into four sections and is a compulsory medical insurance system from the age of 16.。If you receive treatment at a facility that is a member of the NHS、What a free medical fee! Well, that's why some people go to the hospital because of a little illness, and it seems that they are supposed to make a reservation days and months in advance to go to the hospital ...

Main entrance。As soon as you enter the entrance, there is a coffee shop called COSTA、The architecture itself is also modern。Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures because photography is prohibited in the hospital 😐

Go around the building from the left to the side。This is like an entrance for staff。

Even though it is for staff, when I see that there are playground equipment in the garden、It's probably used as a playground for patients (I think it's mainly children).。

If you go further, the plants that have been maintained will。It seems that only hospital staff can enter the front entrance、You can't enter without a card key。So I will turn back 😛

Let's make a further detour and head towards the back of the hospital。Walk along the path that appears in fairy tales。It's a promenade。

If you look at this, you can see that it is a big hospital.。Plants are planted around the windows of this front building、The trader had just come and was taking care of it.。

Discover the monument! It's like a park。Turn this branch to the right。

I've been around quite a bit。Even so, the fallen leaves are amazing 😯

From here you can enter the back of the hospital。It was a good walk!

There was such a thing behind the pediatric surgery hospital。that name as well”Institute of the Park”。Apparently, they are conducting cutting-edge medical research and education here.。This white tiger gets in the way a little 😡

The entrance is also a little fashionable、There was a pond on both sides。

Shared space immediately after entering the entrance。It feels like a typical designer house。

There is also something like a water server、There is a meal on the table near the wall。Is there any event?

Alright、Return to the main subject, Alderhay Pediatric Surgery Hospital。The entrance on the back side is like this。

Ambulance entrance。I wonder if it's only for children because it's about a pediatric surgery hospital.。Children are important nowadays, so do your best!

Strange statue on the left。Is it some kind of anime character?。I think it's placed to make children happy。

You can enter from here as well。There is a pictogram about smoking cessation around here。Well, it's a hospital, so it's natural 😮


Unfortunately I couldn't post the photo inside.、It's very unique and it doesn't look like a hospital, but it looks like an amusement facility.。There may not be many people who come to the river pool so far、If you have time, you may want to visit。


Next, let's go to the famous Albert Dock in River Pool 1!

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