Liverpool tourism - to the home of Anfield, Liverpool FC! ~

Because to buy a long-awaited day ticket、Let's Chimai toward this remains to Anfield。

I home of Liverpool FC for me Anfield。United Kingdom in the (... I'm not able to medium people also won while to say that) football powerhouse、There is the I own Premier League。Above better of by far the Premier League level I'm a J-League like a thing is referred to in Japan。There is also of me the way second league corresponding to the Japanese J2。

In club team with a history of that this Liverpool FC、That of course belongs to Premier League。If you are enrolled many famous players、Recently, Toka Christian Benteke、After that Suarez and Fernando Torres、And Gerrard、kite、Owen and I had been belong to the past。

Well Unchiku is ...... leave this around here I Anfield because football school than the Beatles and if Ne all means go 🙂

Anfield (Anfield) and Liverpool city of positional relationship。At Anfield in the red circle is the destination、I red dotted line square Hey Liverpool city center。Let's use the quiet bus so pretty as you can see far。And walk approximately 1 hour。Ah、But it says even taxi if money is in abundance!

Yes、First Bus Terminal 1 (image is a re-use of the previous three articles!)。It's also going to ride from the sixth stop of the Queen Square bus station in the 17th bus、This time, riding from here。No. 4 OK if caught the number 26 bus from the landing。Time to get on the bus about 15 minutes。

By the way, Queen Square bus station it here (this image is also reused w)。I think it is seen that written me 9 to the right、Looking for this number 6、17OK if get on bus number

Around here is Ssho never get lost because the bus mess covered with something like this! Ah、This is a new image for this article!

so、I hope also ride from either the bus station、It is tentatively good to tell that want to go to Anfield to the bus of luck chan。It is Well I press the push button on their own。Or、In fact Anfield clarity、There Anfield When you come to see a profusely huge stadium。Unless it is to a great extent although the early morning or the middle of the night、Seems that it no problem because I think I get off some other。

Arrived by Anfield! Owen、Gerrard!

The red bird is what is used as a symbol of Liverpool FC in the name Tteyuu "Lai bar Bird (Liver bird)"。It should be noted、Lai bar bird is also the symbol of Liverpool、Rye seems to bar bird taking off the river, pool Nikki been handed down perish, or whatever struck say legend。

Official shop here which is always in any sports stadium。

Front of these。Long next to but not depth、Zurari the goods of the River pool in! But I did not shoot in the store、Rather broadly、Here I bought a key chain and stationery set! !

Ticket shop after finished the shopping。Oh? The statue is on earth who?

Speaking of A's right is likely Liverpool FC's useless to remember Bill Shankly (Bill Shankly) 😀

In defenders around players、Name coach left a great track record from taking office (get angry if I say I?) Did not uninspiring far I'm the supervision of Liverpool。Pull up on the time Liverpool was in second league in Premier League、Yet UEFA Cup winners、And achievement who have created a Liverpool FC to powerhouse club team won the FA Cup twice。

By the way, it uniforms of systemic red also is the brainchild of this man。

It was a object of the face Oh Oh also to the entrance of the gate Speaking。A place surrounded by a red circle in the image above。This is it the face of Bill Shankly 😮

Well ticket office。Certainly since this day I think that there is no game、People wonder if the purchase of pre-ticket in a row?

And various regulations are written。Because after all of hooligans Speaking of United Kingdom wonder if this kind of is do important。Sometimes is the radical football fans like to mob is for me hooligans。

Since scolded me "please list behind!" To the people of the staff When I tried to Koyo in place of this note was doing it drove me, "But I just want to see this!"!


so、This remains I'd got back to Liverpool city center、In fact, I learned at a later that the home Goodison Park, Everton is close terribly 😥

From Anfield in a straight line distance about 600m is to Goodison Park。Kana about 2km in the way of the red arrow。It This was should go。When Why say whether so close、I was not the Anfield the home stadium originally along with Everton FC also Liverpool FC、Because it was moved to a nearby park because it was wage increases against Everton。

I'd visited both If it has come to great pains Anne feel without a mistake like me 😥 😥 😥


Next time I will go to the Arudahei Pediatric Surgery Hospital uses this remains a day ticket!

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