Follow in the footsteps of Liverpool tourism - Strawberry Fields Beatles -

By the way, this is the last time to visit the suburban Beatles、Let's head to the strawberry field。It's quite difficult to go personally。There aren't many buses。

The route from Penny Lane to Strawberry Field is as shown above。The upper left of the map is Liverpool city area。The red circle surrounded by Penny Rain is the location of the bus stop。Head south on Smithdown Road into Menlove Avenue、Turn left at the corner of the edge of Calderstones Park and your destination is along Beaconsfield Road。The distance is about 3km and about 40 minutes on foot.。Well this time I went by bus、The waiting time was longer。

From Penny Lane、Use the bus stop next to one when you came from Liverpool。In the picture, I use the one in front.。However、As explained in the previous article、I didn't confirm the departure time of the bus, so I decided to wait here。

75The bus came so I asked the driver if he would go to the strawberry field and he said he should use the 76th bus.。Then, after the bus number 75 and the bus for the airport passed about 20 in total,...

40 minutes to wait。Finally came No. 76。When I asked the driver if he would go to Strawberry Field, he said it was OK.。The driver is a very nice person、When I got off, he told me "Strawberry field!" 😛 It would be nice to tell you where you are going。

Men Love Avenue。Unlike Penny Lane, there is no description of Strawberry field at the bus stop。Instead, it's written as Yewtree Road。Well、I'll post a photo on the way back。When I got off the bus, Luck told me, "When I go home, I'm going to the bus stop across the street!"。The yellow ☆ part of the map that was originally published in this article。

This is a picture taken from the bus stop on my way home、Strawberry field is in the back of the street seen in the middle of the above photo。It’s the direction that cars are lined up.。

I'm sure you won't get lost, but if you find a beacon called Beaconsfield Road and go in there。

20 miles speed limit。About 32km/h。It's a narrow road。Is this picture of a local elementary school student?

After a short walk, the red gate appeared! Really just Akamon。This is the strawberry field! I can't cover the fallen leaves 😡

What is Strawberry Fields、1967The 14th original single "Strawberry Fields Forever" released by The Beatles in February 2015 (”Strawberry Fields Forever”) From。The stage of the song was the strawberry field, the war orphanage at that time。Unfortunately I can not enter now 🙁

Street in front of strawberry field。It's narrow

There was a sign and a sign。What what? This gate is a replica elaborated by Jim Bennett、2011Was donated to The Salvation Army。What、Is this a replica of Strawberry Field? !!

If you have any questions please send them to this email address。Why don't you send someone?


Paul is a graffiti discovery。Beatles fans like graffiti 😕

Strawberry field from different angle (replica gate)。Depending on the time, it may be noisy because it may meet with the tour group.

House in front of Strawberry Field。Are you aware of the strawberry field that the entrance door is red? Teka、Isn't it profitable for people in this house to do business?

Well, it's not a place to stay for a long time, so I came back。Actually、The bus for Liverpool departed when I crossed the traffic light.。Wow ... I hate looking at the timetable ...

Just in case, the details of the bus stop。I、As I said, Yewtree Road, right?


30One per minute! !!


After all it's ----------。

Besides, it's cold here。I should have rounded up a little earlier and returned。

Because I'm free, I'll take a look at the park next to the bus stop。Although it does not kill time。

The bus came 30 minutes after the timetable。And、Luck was the same person as when he was going and he was kind on the way back 😀

The return bus is a different route than when I came, so I enjoyed it so much.。Except、I forgot to get off at the last stop、I've entered the bus garage。So I was taken care of by luck again.


Is it Anfield next time?


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