Liverpool Sightseeing-Following the Footprints of the Penny Lane Beatles-

After Matthew Street, head to Penny Rain。It ’s a suburb, so it ’s a good idea to take a bus.。Strawberry field is beyond Penny Rain、First go to Penny Rain、From there go to Strawberry Field、Better route back to Liverpool。

To begin with、You can get on the bus as it is、It's cheaper to buy a one-day pass。The ticket is £ 1.9 for each ride、One-day ticket is £ 3.9。This £ 3.9 will change depending on how far you go、Beatles tour and Anfield、If you go to Alderhei Pediatric Surgery Hospital, you can go with one area pass, so £ 3.9 is enough.。If you go to Strawberry Field and come back, you will have to take the bus three times, so if you pay the fare for each ride, the total will be £ 5.7, so buy a one-day pass.。

And、You can buy this one-day pass on the bus,、Cheaper to buy in advance。It's £ 4.3 on the bus。

You can buy it at the red circle above。I bought it at Travel Centers in Queen Square Center near Lime Street Station、You can probably buy it at ONE Bus Station。

Buses to Penny Rain depart from ONE Bus Station, so it may be more efficient to buy here。

Queen Square Center is just steps from Liverpool Lime Street Station。When you leave the station and cross the main street on the left side, it looks like this。

Such a building。”May I have one day bus ticket?”When you ask、What kind do you want? Because you will be asked、It ’s a good idea to tell them where you want to go.。I will give you something that suits it”​Saveaway for 1 area”You can say。It should be noted、No cash required as you can buy with a credit card。

It seems so、It was hard to come to Liverpool。that is

I can't hear English!


Liverpool people are pretty angry、Even if you are confident in English, it's pretty tough。I also use English at work、I could hardly hear it 🙁、It's still salvation that I can understand what I'm talking about。Isn't it easy to understand what it means to be a Tohoku accent in Japan?

This is the back and front of the 1-day bus ticket。A decent plastic card。

By the way, if you buy it on the bus, you will find this kind of paper.。If you use a plastic card, the card itself will be a memorial, so be sure to purchase it in advance.。

There are many ways to get to the One Bus Station from Queen Square Center、I don't think you'll get lost、Select this route this time。It's lively because it passes through a shopping mall。

Location of the yellow ☆ mark on the map。Very lively。I think it's the most lively place in Liverpool。

At the end is a department store called John Lewis, so turn left and you will see a square.。The one on the left is the Hilton Hotel。The location is great, so if you can afford it, please come and stay.。

Go down the stairs and shoot behind。Hilton on the left。

Arrive at One Bus Terminal。70、75、80Let's head to the bus stop of A。86You can also use the C bus、Because the number of buses is small。Just in case, check if you can use the one-day ticket when you ride、Also check if you can go to Penny Rain。If you are worried about where to get off、It ’s a good idea to ask the bus driver to tell you.。In that case, it may be better to sit near the driver。

It's a double-decker bus, so it's a good idea, so go up。Contact、The first seat is vacant!

The view is good!

USB charging outlet found! You can charge it by bringing a charging cable。

Passing Liverpool Lime Street Station

There are bus and bicycle lanes。

Pass by Saint Luke ’s Church Gardens。A Gothic revival-style church that lost its roof in World War II and is now in ruins。From the locals”Bombed Out Church”It seems that it is called by the name of。

School for the Blind。In other words、School for the blind。School for the blind。There is such a school in England (it is natural)

From here to the suburbs。The road is quiet。It's a tribute to the countryside as soon as you get out of the city 😀

Liverpool Women ’s Hospital along Upper Parliament Street。Hospital specializing in obstetrics and gynecology。Liverpool also has an Alderhay Pediatric Surgery Hospital、Is medical technology generally high?。

Go straight further。A soccer field like England。

It's a graveyard。Moreover, it is quite wide。

Discover ASDA! This is a huge supermarket that is very famous in England。Like Wal-Mart in America、The inside of the store is large、The price is cheaper than others。It's for bulk buying。Thank you for your help when I live in England。

Exit ASDA、When you see this scenery, press the get-off button。This is the nearest bus stop to Penny Rain。

Where is ALLERTON ROAD。Below is a small Penny Lane。It seems so、You may want to look at the next timetable for Strawberry Field here.。I have to wait quite a while if I don't come back accordingly。It should be noted、I had to wait about 30 minutes ...

By the way, the nearest bus stop to Strawberry Field is Menlove Avenue's Yew Tree Road.。76The number bus is recommended。86There's nothing I can't do with C or 174、The number of buses is small、I didn't run depending on the day of the week、I walked quite a bit from the bus stop。

After checking the timetable, go to this direction。Look for the cathedral called St Barnabas Penny Lane on the left。You could see it from the bus。

Well, it's a church that seems to be everywhere, so I don't think it's necessary to go inside.。If you are interested, why don't you come in?

Penny Lane letters everywhere。

Also in the hotel name。I don't know where the real Penny Lane is anymore。

When I asked the person on the road, he told me。Well, I could hardly hear it! !! I knew I was asked what I was coming to, so I just talked。so、The correct answer, Penny Lane, is the road in front of this。The church on the left side of the screen is interrupted.。

At first I thought Penny Lane was a building、”Lane、Meaning of road)”As the name suggests, the whole street seems to be Penny Lane。Where is Penny Lane for those who came out of the house along the street? After hearing that, I was a little confused”Here”Was answered(Lol)

I will go straight for the time being。

Go straight for a while and you will see it on your left。Aw? What is the Beatles character? ??

This、This is、Lennon Studio? !! It's the studio that John Lennon actually used!

There is also a garden properly。

There is a Penny Lane sign on the premises for some reason 🙂

The Beatles fill the wall。The vehicle in the foreground is ... I don't really understand。but、Is it something related to the Beatles?。

There is also a parking lot so you can come by car.。It ’s nice to be able to go sightseeing freely because there is no one.。

Rush inside the building。Admission is free! This is the studio。I'm deeply moved to think that this is the place where John Lennon was active decades ago.。You can only enter here and at the shop。Others are off limits。I didn't buy it because the Beatles CD was the main item at the shop and there were no key chains.。Unless you're a person who wants to buy a CD at Lennon Studio, you won't buy it.。

Paint on the wall。I don't know if it's a doodle or an official one。I wonder if I should see what I see。It's like this because it's a weekday, but maybe the holidays are crowded。

Wine bar along Penny Lane。By the way, there were many restaurants around here, so it seems that eating is not a problem.。

Doodled Penny Lane board。There aren't many that are so amazing。You can see how the Beatles are loved.。

Next time is Strawberry Field!

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