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What do you think of when you hear Liverpool? Football? Slave trade? Is it a lamb banana? Certainly they may also be、After all it will be Beatles! I have been expecting football because I myself watch it、Beatles overwhelmingly in the city。It's a legendary star from all over the world.

The hotel I stayed at is ibis styles, a reasonably priced hotel chain that is expanding globally.。Located north of Liverpool、Access is relatively good wherever you go。Sainsbury ’s is nearby so you do n’t have to worry about shopping.、Above all, there is a service where guests can drink coffee for free at any time! !!

Well that's fine、Matthew Street is right next to this hotel so I'm going to go there first.。This Matthew Street is known as the birthplace of the Beatles、Especially the Cavern Club is a live house that has been used since the Beatles were still unknown!

The only route this time。Exit ibis Styles and go right、After a while, go south、When you cross the main street, turn left at Matthew Street。

This is Dale Street in front of the hotel。The clock tower in the photo is part of the Liverpool City Council building.。From here, walk to the west side for about 1 minute。

Turn left on North John Street。The scenery is like this。On the left is the Aloft Liverpool, a rather expensive hotel。Go straight south。

Liverpool bus seen near Victoria Street。It feels more like The Tourist Bus than the London Bus。

The street on the left immediately after crossing Victoria Street is Matthew Street。It's a very narrow road, so if you're not careful, you'll overlook it normally。At first I passed through brilliantly、I went to a shopping mall in the center 😆

This is Matthew Street。The path the Beatles would have traveled to (probably) every day。The uncle who is in front of you must be listening to the Beatles!

Statue of John Lennon! People taking a picture by posing together next to this statue are also flicker。I realized that I was still loved even though I was a star decades ago。

The place where the current John Lennon statue was actually a cavan club。Well, phonetically it would be Cavern Clav。Home Clave of the legendary Beatles! !! There are no people now because it is lunchtime、It gets really busy at night。The situation will be described later。

This is the entrance。The next building is under construction、The door was not closed for the time being。I think it's open for lunch、As expected, I wouldn't think of going into the pub by myself in the middle of the day.。

That? Looking back, is it a cave club? Which is the real one ...? ? I thought、This is a real cavern club。If you take a closer look at the picture above,”Cavern Pub”I noticed that it was written。Aunt is watching with sharp eyes at the entrance。Perhaps he buys a ticket from this aunt and joins the club。

Well, the cavern pub I just thought seemed a little too small ~

This is Cavern Court。I won't be fooled anymore! 😡 Many people were like tours。One here。And one on the left side of the photo。By the way, the place with the group on the left is the Cavan Club。The Liverpool has a Beatles Mystery Tour、Maybe it's that。Common mystery tour of unknown Beatles sights。The most、It's not a mystery because the Beatles-related places are pretty predictable.。

so、On Matthew Street, there are various graffiti on the bricks of the building like this.。There is meaning to this properly ...

This is what was carved on the wall of the cavan club。Actually, what is written here is the name of the famous artist who appeared here。Names such as Oasis and Queen are also carved.。It would be a great honor to be engraved here.。

This is a music bar。Isn't it strange that I should say Music Bar? This store name is Beatles album "SGT. PEPPER ’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND ”。The bottom wall has the faces of four members.。

This Eric ’s live is also a nightclub like Cavern Club。It's a very popular club, so if you're not satisfied with the cavan club alone, you might want to visit this too.。

this”Rubber Soul”That ’s the Beatles album name.。This is the Beatles Bar。It's kind of funny to change the names of pubs and bars 😀

Opposite the Rubber Soul is the Cavern Walk.。Is it like a shopping center?。There are also luxury brands such as GUCCI。...... Rather, I'm sure that the store here has either Beatles or Cavan.

Lennons Bar Appears 😯

It is as good、That one is at the back”The Grapes”The pub。This seems to be a pub where the Beatles go through often。The Beatles pictures of the time are displayed in the store。If you're a Beatles fan you might want to visit。

I thought there was。Beatles shop。You can buy Beatles goods here、There is a bigger Beatles shop in Albert Dock。I will introduce it in another article later.。

This is Matthew Street。It was a narrow street where large cars could not pass、This is the birthplace of the Beatles、The Beatles fans from all over the world still visit。

Alright、Next time I'm going to ride the Beatles wave and head for Penny Lane、It ’s not good to go to the bus station。Liverpool has a one-day bus ticket so it's a good idea to buy it。so、Where you can buy it is Queens Square Center。

Next time I'm heading to Penny Lane from Queens Square Center!

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