Sightseeing in New York ~ Day 3 Part 2 ~

The Brooklyn Bridge spans the East River, which connects Manhattan Island and the Brooklyn area.。Isn't it the most famous bridge in New York?。The world's first suspension bridge using steel wire、It seems that it took 14 years to complete。

The total length is 1,825 m, so it's quite difficult。Moreover, this bridge is quite crowded、Some people are taking commemorative photos here and there、It will take some time。It was bright before I started to cross、By the time you finish crossing, it's already sunset。By the time you finish crossing, you will see Brooklyn Bridge Park on your right.、It's quite difficult to get to this park。Because it takes a long time for the bridge to break、It is necessary to make a big turn after crossing over once.。

so、I finally arrived at the park after a lot of trouble。Stunning view!

This is famous as a spot where you can see the night view of Manhattan beautifully.、There are also pleasure boats。The tall tower on the left side of the center is the World Trade Center Building。In the photo, it's hidden behind the Brooklyn Bridge、You can also see the Empire State Building on the right side。There is also a beer garden nearby, and you can enjoy a spectacular view of New York while drinking alcohol!

You may not understand if you write it like this、The distance I walked so far is not odd。There was a bench so I took a short break。It was raining so I wiped the place to sit with the towel I brought。Well、From here, only Dyker Heights will go、You don't have to rush, so let's go slowly 😮

Dyker Heights is conveniently located at York St Station near Brooklyn Bridge Park。10Take the F line for about a minute to 4 Ave-9 St station、From there, change to the R line and arrive at 86th station again in about 10 minutes.。This time、Be sure to go to the bathroom in the station。86I walk quite a bit from th station to Dyker Heights、There is basically no toilet。There is a store on the way, so I think you can rent a toilet.、If you go to Dyker Heights, there are no shops because it is a residential area。

For comparison、10 to 20 minutes walk from the station to Dyker Heights。In our case, we walked very quickly, so we arrived in 10 minutes.、It may take about 20 minutes to walk normally。The direction is towards 7th Avenue、It's a good idea to know where to get out before you leave the station。

86th station is 4th Avenue and Dyker Heights is 11th Avenue。Do you go seven? !! You may think, but don't worry。If you go on 5th Avenue, the next thing you will see is 7th Avenue。Furthermore, after 7th Avenue, it will be 10th Avenue soon.。even if you say so、It's not nearby so you have to walk accordingly。

11Turn left on Bundai、Gradually you can see the illumination。

It's pretty awesome。The small Santa Claus seen at the bottom is also nice!

Objects are displayed here in a narrow space。You can see the university advertisement in the back、Do you get a sponsorship fee?。

This is a house with the image of a soldier。The doll on the left of the screen was spinning。

Only a few are listed here、It is a masterpiece that dozens of houses like this are lined up in a row。It seems that Dyker Heights is a residential area for wealthy people.、They are competing to see which one is the greatest illumination (I don't really understand what the rich think).。

After seeing the whole thing, go to the station again。Actually, there is no transfer from here to Times Square! Get off the station、I wonder if it's vacant because it's late at night ...

It's really crowded! !! Christmas event is being held and it is hard to cut through the street。

I managed to get to the hotel。

Now、Tomorrow is a flight to Las Vegas early in the morning。

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