Sightseeing in New York-Day 3 Part 2

After the Empire State Building, head south on Fifth Avenue。When it comes to this area、Even on Fifth Avenue, there are no brand shops lined up、It's just a main street。If you go south on that street、Join Broadway。There is a Flatiron Building。

Since it is located at an intersection, it has a triangular site.。What is famous about this building、Often used as a location for movies such as Spider-Man and Godzilla、It's a must-visit spot for movie fans。It is said that it is difficult to shoot against the sun after noon.、Unfortunately it was cloudy and I was able to take pictures without worrying about that.。

You can enjoy wild squirrels in Madison Square Park here.(Lol)。By the way, if you go north on Broadway here, you can reach Times Square at the intersection with Seventh Avenue.。

And continue southward for tens of minutes、Finally the end of Fifth Avenue!

Washington Park is the southern end of Fifth Avenue。It features a miniature triumphal arch。It is lit up beautifully at night、Unfortunately I could not see it this time。When I'm taking a rest in the park、Suddenly an old man walking while making a big soap bubble。There are many children in the park、Had become quite popular。

Cut through the park, go further south, turn left on Bloom Street and enter SOHO。This is not as big as Fifth Avenue, but it's a fairly high-class residential area with a lot of brand shops.。

Continue east and Broadway again。If you cut through that, Little Italy。There is nothing particularly remarkable and if you go straight ...

There are really Chinese people everywhere。As expected, the world's largest population。

After a while, a light rain flutters around Manhattan City Hall.。I've been walking since the day before yesterday and I've been tired。I mean, I'm walking an odd distance。It ’s scary to think back。My mother is over 60, but I'm doing my best(Lol)。

Now、The Brooklyn Bridge is just around the corner。Take a break for about 10 minutes while taking shelter from the rain、Crossing the bridge--


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