Moscow sightseeing-summer edition-until entry

Everybody knows Moscow。However、I wonder if there are surprisingly few tourists from Japan。The reason is、It seems that VISA is the first thing you need。

I ’m going to Kazan this time、I visited because I was going to go around as much as I could for 3 hours from the evening because I went through Moscow on the way。So、Most of the famous tourist attractions such as the Kremlin, the Armory, the Lenin's Mausoleum, the Tretyakov Gallery, and the Bolshoi Theater are closed.。

there、Carefully planned in advance the transportation route from the airport to Moscow。

There are 4 international airports in Moscow。

  1. Sheremetyevo airport
  2. Domodedovo airport
  3. Vnukovo airport
  4. Bykovo Airport

The above notation is forcibly applied to Japanese notation、Please note that it is not possible to pronounce as it is locally。For example,、The first "She" at Sheremetyevo Airport is pronounced while not touching the tongue slightly to the back of the front upper teeth.、The next "Le" is a winding tongue and is close to "Li"、"Me" means "Mee" quickly。"Chie" is pronounced "Ti" like a tongue behind the front upper teeth。"Shermitivo"。Similarly, at the Domodedovo airport, "Damadye Davo" is closer to the local pronunciation ... Since there is no sharpness, let's stay around here。

From Japan it is possible to go directly to Sheremetyevo Airport and Domodedovo Airport。Vnukovo Airport is from nearby Ukraine、Buikovo Airport mainly has local flights。this time、Using the Russian airline Aeroflot、I used Sheremetyevo airport。

To begin with、Aeroflot is an airline、This is quite difficult。The service is reasonable because the price is low。Drink sprite、Coca Cola、Orange juice、Apple juice、tomato juice、water、black tea、coffee、Red wine、We only focus on white wine。Drinks are provided twice before and after meals。Before meals come well before meals、If you want a drink during meals, maybe you should get two.。Please note that you can only get tea, coffee and water after meals。Only English and Russian movies can be seen on board, so people who do not understand either language may get bored。

Except、It is amazing that there are slippers even in economy class。It's a slippery slipper, but it's better than nothing。I wonder if there are many Russian beautiful women in CA(Lol)。

If you are from Japan, you will arrive in Moscow in about 9 hours.。Not just a terminal as soon as you arrive、The bus came near the plane、From there head to the terminal。

And immigration。Very crowded here。Basically there is no question asked, just pass the passport and just wait。Put some strange light on VISA (probably a special light will show the face photograph and information necessary for entry)、After immigration stamp、A piece of paper is sandwiched and returned。This piece of paper is called an exit card、Because you have to submit it when you leave Russia、Do not lose。If you lose it, you will have to go to the Immigration Bureau (alien visa registration office) and have it reissued, which is troublesome.。

Now、Russia from here。Take the long elevator down the airport。This time there was no checked baggage so baggage claim was through。The hotel we plan to stay at is the NOVOTEL hotel in the world chain。It seems that there is a shuttle bus from the airport so I ask the person at the airport。

The bus seems to come every 20 minutes、I didn't wait so much。Arrived at the hotel in about 5 minutes。

After checking in、Leave your luggage、Holding a camera。The time now is 17:30。From here we head to Moscow。

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