Kazan Tourism-Kazanka River-

The Kazanka River runs just behind Kazan Kremlin。Originating around Arsk、It can be said that it is a left tributary of the Volga River because it joins the Volga River here in Kazan.。

Kremlin seen from the Kazanka River。From here, I think I can only see the head of the Kuru-Sharif Mosque.。In front of it is the Bragoveschensky Cathedral。Rather than looking up from below、After all the view from above is better!

The Kazanka River is quite busy、It feels like the landscape was created in a planned manner。Behind the photo is the Kazanka River。The green is also beautifully planted、Fountains are also arranged at equal intervals, perfect for walking。This fountain、It will be lit up beautifully at night, so that's a separate article!

The merry-go-round can be seen at the rear left of the screen。Fully equipped with amusement! Shops are lined up from the side next to it。Illumination is beautiful here at night。

This time I took a picture with the Kazanka River in the back。Many people are cycling。Is it even rented?

Green art that imitates animals。

This is ladies and gentlemen。Well、It's the same with the animals I mentioned earlier, but I guess it meant something.、Unfortunately there is no reason to know it。

This is a restaurant。I'm a little hungry so maybe I should eat here。

Before that, shoot at a slightly different angle。Collaboration between restaurant and Kazan Kremlin。

Here is the entrance。The word "бахча" written above is the word melon。Is it the name of the store? There are no photos in the store because I refrained from taking pictures.、It was very delicious like a restaurant serving Tatarstan food。I think Russian food suits the taste of Japanese people。

Evening when returning。Perhaps this area is a date spot。There were quite a lot of duos of men and women。

Now、Next, head south on Baumann Street。

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