Enjoy trekking in the Blue Mountains! Of the cliff to the "Lula cascade"

Ride from Echo Point to the bus to Lula cascade。Also there is the notation I Leura Cascades、Want will be unified in the ruler in this blog。It has been pushing tourist time、30Now hard it walks that it must come back to the bus stop within a minute。From beginning to end run leave in another hot。Since the running had repeatedly take pictures stopped、It might have been strangely seem from around 🙁


Route map From Echo Point to ruler cascade

Along the main road if you take the bus。I wonder if would be a walk in the forest if you walk from Echo Point。As can be seen if you look at the map、It is enough can go the distance to walk from Echo Point。Scenic World from Katoomba Station people who have stayed is also serves as a walking track in Katoomba、Echo Point、It is also fun to go to the ruler station through the ruler cascade。


To the ruler cascade entrance of the picnic area

Such a sign and get off the bus。1.3km until the ruler Station cut through a huge park Tteyuu ruler park from here。That slowly walking about 30 minutes。In less than probably able to run if 10 minutes。Boils finally feel I Blue Mountains National Park is also the end。

Going into this road across the bus was running road。

Cross the Lula Falls River。

Picnic Square If you think the children's voice heard。Friendly tourist destination to people who have rent-a-car tour because there was a parking lot next to this square。

And quite widely、Many people in its own way。It ran through because time is in a hurry this time I wanted to slowly if there over

There was such of it is like something resting place。What I would Kore。

Also equipped with toilet。Do not ask for cleanliness because the toilet in nature。

Now、So missing the picnic area to the road towards the ruler cascade


Small babbling "ruler waterfall" in the great outdoors

There was a map at the entrance。But apparently not to reciprocate the one road、...... and that seems to be coming back here around all round、I was wondering when this。It's noticed at a later though I WARNING at the bottom right of this sign。Story it was in the last minute whether or not the time for the bus of time at later in this article。

Only down intently the Lula Falls along the river。It without any hesitation。It will be healed in the peaceful atmosphere 😀

Big tree had fallen 😯

Overtake the front of the group all at once。I ran through Sasatto because in a hurry。

Run down a gentle down stairs!

Ruler cascade ahead。The road was not wrong。

Because there is a sign but there was a fork in the road to the right of the road that says "Leura Cascades"。

People in the river? !

I enjoy chillin To Nature。It is be good and now slowly want people in comes to swimsuit Toka prepared

I This is the ruler waterfall。This side view from when the Shobo-in you, but ......

This side will be in the picture in its own way that it from! Although force is I do not separately、Waterfall of elegant feeling。It waterfall is this that has been posted on the Toka brochure。Actually bring tripod、Something like this for but I wanted to take a slow shutter was in a hurry with better composition。

Gonna turn if there is to come next time take good pictures over! ! !


Superb view "Lula cascade"

Superb view of the cliff that appear immediately from the previous waterfall。This is the ruler cascade。But is this greatness in the middle people you is not transmitted because it's photos do not appear on only the front、There are quite impressive and I actually come。The most、I is I did not have time to enjoy slowly scenery came running(^^;)

Bench to Anna where there is? ! Who would you sit ......

In addition to top up the stairs。There are things pretty scary looking at the bottom。

As waterfall sliding down the cliff。It looks like there are quite a person at the basin、I guess would be those who walked from Echo Point。

Time has become a tapir。Let Susumo to earlier。In and things like this road walk only people who are familiar because not a good condition。It may not proceed Mars!

It can not be said that certainly landscaped road。And go straight here seems to get to Echo Point。

that? ? It is something red net。Something bad feeling ......

Seriously is the paddle ...... traffic ban ...... yet、Until the threatened complaint that punished Once in the off-limits area。Dangerous dangerous ......

Ah、It is a rare bird(Escapism


To the bus stop back the coming road

I Truly ran。Really much ran leave。I'm talking about I'm what doing while holding the camera in a hot summer day。so、I read this warning paper to come back to the place of this sign。...... the red route of the photograph was written properly closed to traffic

It was in time with Somehow。Still bus did not come。Although as much this one minute after I bus is coming。Even so, ...... By the way, the bus driver was tired was the same person as when from Katoomba station to Scenic World。Chan told me Also remember me 🙂


The next is the ruler station。Finally is it in the next and Blue Mountains National Park!

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