The endpoint small country town "ruler of the Blue Mountains tourism(Leura)』

The end is ruler cascade of running、Somehow seems to go back to Sydney before sunset as planned because the ride to the bus。And fun was Blue Mountains National Park, the last in this tourist。It will head to the ruler station to catch the train。


Route map From ruler cascade to ruler station

Within 2km from the ruler cascade ruler station is that it is walking off erect a ruler park。Tour bus headed to the station around Innovation guru at something like root。When you are riding on the bus was thinking or "is quite time Naa I take After walking" without knowing Nante are detour like this。


The last bus ride in this! To the ruler Village

The bus received the second floor of the front row! TOY & RAILWAY MUSEUM (Toy Railway Museum) What seems to be going towards the direction。

Here is the museum。Will What business hours now because it is written I OPEN。In fact, in quite widely me this museum、Various seems flowers Toka can enjoy have spread garden on the back side of the building。It sounds like can also be used as a wedding hall。

Just passing by the park。

Somehow there was a well know does object 🙂

Intently straight ahead this kind of way。It is why I think I really Do's idyllic location。

Contact、A person to the bus stop。It's Some people ride from a place like this。What people have stayed in around here cottage。

Arrived at the ruler village! It'll come down with another droves。This next is to stop the ruler station、Also it seems to want to explore everyone ruler village 😆


Stylish cafés "ruler Village"

If you walked towards the back alley off the bus had wander in strange places。Rashiku Apparently shopping mall、Around here seems have names or something ruler Mall。

woolworths! Supermarket was also here!

Hours are 7:00 – 22:00so、That's Friday is a regular holiday。Hmm? Here I wonder Maybe you do not to be pooled to buy on Thursday because not come to the only shopping around here, I who live? 😕

Wide ...... and、Also firmly barrier-free escalator。It will have around here truly feeling Australia。

Ruler post office (Leura Post Office)。Since Sunday regular holiday。1Ruler Shakespeare Festival in month (Leura Shakespeare Festival)、5Ruler harvest festival in the month (Leura Harvest Festival)、9End of the month - ruler Village Fair over the beginning of October I'm there is a (Leura Village Fair) and the ruler Garden Festival (Leura Garden Festival)。No events today unfortunately!

Ruler village rooftops of。Very quiet。

Lined with fashionable cafe。I like a resort of wealthy。

the above、It was the ruler village streets。


Ruler to the station

Ruler station is the other side of that clock tower。

I thought if something or government office I this clock tower、It seems that contains restaurants Toka Toka hotels。

Across the bridge to the ruler station。It this is the end also Blue Mountains tourism。But enough is also a day trip from Sydney、And it is indeed likely to need for one night If you want to enjoy trekking Toka Toka shopping slowly。


Next to the Parramatta rather than going ...... to Sydney by train!

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