Only 2.7 Australian dollar from Sydney? ! World heritage of the "Blue Mountains" nearest station to "Katoomba Station"!

This time, let's towards the World Heritage Blue Mountains。One day be there I tour from Sydney、I tried towards on their own。Although、Will be going without any problems even if there is no confidence in English especially since transfer is not。

Blue Mountains can be enjoyed enough a day trip from Sydney。Of course, but if you want to exhausted to go from corner to corner and you're good to stay in the vicinity of the Blue Mountains、The possibility of free time because the store is small it thinks significantly higher。


Blue Mountains of nearest station "Katoomba Station" (Katoomba Station)

The nearest station of the Blue Mountains in Katoomba (Katoomba) stationis。It was inland about 100km from Sydney。Strictly speaking, the Blue Mountains National Park is so wide、Become a base from which over Echo Point neighborhood has become attractions among them is this station。

so、Blue Mountains, it is a very good idea to on Sunday if possible。By the way, one way about 6 Australian dollar that it is a weekday、Because it will also taken back and forth 12 Australian dollars。



The starting point is Sydney Central Station

From Central Sydney to Blue Mountains National Park、It will start from this Sydney Central Station。before"Chinatown from Sydney Central Station、And to Hyde ParkI just introduced it in!

This time, tap the Opal Card at this ticket gate to enter 🙂

This 7 with Katoomba written on the destination:54The train that departs this time。I will leave in 6 minutes, so I have to hurry up。Since it's a big deal, go to the seat on the second floor。I chose the seat on the left side in the direction of travel。


Let's go to Blue Mountains National Park!

Departed from Sydney Central。Passing sideways where a lot of maintenance tools are placed。

Residential area after a while。As soon as you leave Sydney, you will see this kind of scenery.。Big city australia(^^♪

The building is getting taller。Is it the next station soon?

First station Strathfield。There are many Korean towns here、2000It's famous for being close to the Olympic Park held in the year.。It seems that Japanese people rarely visit for sightseeing.。

2Parramatta at the station will be introduced in a later article, so I will omit it.。so、Next Blacktown。The name is intense(^^;)

Actually here、Even in Sydney, it is said that you should be especially careful in areas where security is not very good。As the name suggests, it looks like a scary city ... It may be better to avoid staying in Blacktown just because the hotel in the center of Sydney is expensive.。

This is Blacktown! !! It ’s a very quiet place.。I don't think it's insecure。

A place called Emu Plains。I researched various things, but it seems that it is not so famous as a tourist destination。From the name, it seemed that a lot of emu lived there.。

Perhaps this area is in the Blue Mountains National Park。Clouds are clear in places in the sky、I don't feel sorry for somehow, so I feel relieved.。

Ruler station (Leura Station)。One before the destination。The atmosphere is like a tourist spot.。Senna、I'll use this station on my way home!

Arrive at Lula station。Let's get ready to get off! !!


Blue Mountains sightseeing base "Katoomba Station"

It ’s the end point, so it ’s coming down.。Taken leisurely after people got off 📷 When you look at the sky, it ’s sunny and sunny! You did it! !! 😆

Now、Here is a simple map of Katoomba station。Leave the station and pick up your bus ticket、Head to the bus stop。The station leaves from the south exit、Well, if you go in the same direction as everyone else, there should be no problem (laughs).

The road from the platform to the ticket gate。Barrier-free。If you are heading to the Blue Mountains, turn right at this end。

Don't forget to touch。The image is out of focus, but the one on the pole in the middle is the tap point ~

In front of the station。Full of tourists。Security Mecha looks good ~

Station square rotary。It's a peaceful town, isn't it?


To pick up the bus ticket

When you leave the station and go to the right, you will see a hop-on hop-off bus (Hopon Hopoff)., There is a building of Blue Mountains Explorer)。Even if you pre-purchased in Sydney, you can redeem your ticket here, so be sure to stop by.。

There is a Wi-Fi mark on the pay phone, but I couldn't connect ... I wanted a Pokemon from the Blue Mountains (* Pokemon GO story)

Inside the store。There was a bus tension。I don't care、When I lined up in order, I was interrupted by the woman in front of me :-(Forgive me

Digress、When it was my turn to give the voucher I got from Sydney to the reception, he gave me a ticket。The ticket is not a piece of paper, but a ticket with a barcode that wraps around your arm。This is good without losing it! !!


Go around the roundabout to the bus stop

The circulation bus stops on the street in front of the station。If you look at the image, you're already waiting。I have to hurry!

The bus had already opened the door and was standing。Show the ticket wrapped around your arm at the entrance and board。

The observation seats on the 2nd floor were already occupied ... sorry! There is no choice but to secure an open window。However, it was actually the second from the front 🙂

Do you want to enjoy the scenery outside until your departure?


To the first destination "Scenic World"

Bus departs。Because it's the second seat, I can take such a picture with the telephoto zoom。This is Katoomba Town!

Did the group of observatory get off along the way? Move to another place ✌ After all, the view is good at the front

Branch left。I saw some people walking here and there.。If you don't have enough time, you can walk.。

Arrived at Scenic World! A lot of tour buses stopped。


By the way, accommodation in Blue Mountains National Park。It seems that resort hotels are lined up near the Three Sisters。If you want to travel richly, you may have one night here。



Next time is the first attraction of Scenic World "Scenic Skyway"is not it!

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