The first installment attraction of Scenic World "Skyway (Scenic Skyway)"

We arrived at the Scenic World Blue Mountains National Park。Here we have a four attractions、First of all from Skyway。In Sydney tourist office、First, back and forth the valley in Skyway、Down to the valley bottom at the Railway、Enjoy walking naturally in the walk-way、Come back with a cable-way、In the street because it received an explanation of the。


Map of Scenic Skyway (Scenic Skyway)


Overall picture of Scenic World。From the entrance to introduce in this article until it comes back back and forth Skyway。In fact, near fine from the landing point of the Skyway to Echo Point。If you do not want to use the patrol bus、Railway → Walkway → Cableway in、Finally on foot from there using the Skyway one-way only to Echo Point to OK。It seems can arrive without hesitation if you walk along the guide because properly there is a promenade。


Scenic World entrance (Entrance of Scenic World)

Here is the entrance of the Scenic World。It was decent to more than I thought。Since it had been such as are more natural natural image。

Attraction fee of。Sales in the four attractions inclusive rather than selling roses of one by one。The type of ticket one time ticket and annual pass。This day was one person 43 Australian dollars adults。By the way, this fee is different for weekdays and holidays。Holiday is the higher the 5 Australian dollar compared to weekdays, but、It will be by far the visit on Sunday If you think that the train fee。

It should be noted、2019Year of May on weekdays 44 Australian dollars、Saturdays and Sundays 49 seems to be the Australian dollar。Always because it fluctuates daily feeOfficial websitePlease check in。Although、Since to set ticket of the bus If you want to use a bus's not being aware of the price for the attraction itself but。

...... This is the waiting column of the ticket in the building was gone blurred dark。Already you do not need to line up here because it is buy a set ticket of the bus。Well do not recommend too much to buy a ticket in the day Scenic World As can be seen if you look at this。


Skyway to the hall

Also it is blurring(^^;)And leisurely through the next to the earlier of the matrix to the Skyway pier。OK If all goes aims to guide plate of "SKYWAY HERE" to the right of this photo

Restaurant that was in the middle of the stairs。Rashiku early still morning open in preparation。

Standby ranks。Do people buy a ticket here it will be lined up further again after waiting for a ticket column ......

Three Sisters, which seemed from the standby column! Sightseeing spot is no exaggeration to say that the most famous in the Blue Mountains National Park。I feel that looks just a little bit towards the head with it from here。The reach over there, but is not now made after 3 to 4 hours。


Finally Skyway boarding

Boarding gate arrival。So much lined up not because the morning was early。The waiting time to be worried about was 2 minutes ...... ~ 😆

The ticket bar code of which was worn on the wrist like this you to read the machine。

Take for that blue。A little more at boarding after!

Finally I have caught! Skyway is there is a cliff side overlooking the here of the mountain side and Katoomba Falls、Again this side would be good! It is possible to see the vast wilderness in horizontal scroll。

World Natural Heritage Blue Mountains National Park


Over the opposite shore

Let's say you quickly get off 😥 Well settle for because the return is also ridden。It came down with the droves。

For the time being keep up with everyone。Prince Henry Cliff Walk stairs to the (Prince Henry Cliff Walk)。

Blue Mountains landscape from the opposite shore。It magnificent

Look where I got to the other side -

That it from here Three Sisters is not nearly invisible。Do not just do the top portion is visible?

Skyway will soon arrive to the other side。If Ne finished around here Coast before coming back and forth(`; O;)

The time being ...... I was tried walked towards here.

Manor seems quite severe。Truly World Natural Heritage Site。

so、I was noticed progressed a little、This is turned back since, such as the road leading to the Echo Point。If you want toward the echo point through this road is、It is shalt be the Skyway to last。

Here it is like have become observatory。To Echo Point is 800 m。It seems to 30-45 minutes walk。Maybe would arrive in about 15 minutes if Hashire。Indeed quite likely until ruler (Leura)。

Just Chinese tour bus it was not alongside this Skyway pier、Tour bus is that of a 50 m away from here。Whether there are people from this side get on the Skyway Apart。

Ua ...... another An'nani matrix 😯

Oh N ...... I was just aborted in front of ......? Wait a minute? ? Not you take the best position it is gonna be ridden in the beginning? ? ?

so、We were able to take the expected best position。Because just have the best space in the camera without the only window glass per the middle of the Skyway、So I had to take a video。It may be uploaded later for video。I wonder if PV up to this article(Lol)


Skyway Exit

Skyway is always packed state in such a feeling。It's no longer seen outside of the landscape at all and would ride to the end of the people -。This time was good was good to be near a window get both ways 🙂

Also ticket is necessary when you get off。Exit by holding the arm in the yellow machine。It enjoyed in its own way。It was felt good after all magnificent nature from being loose and the view is。


Next to the cliff at the Railway! !


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