2nd attractions of Scenic World "Railway (Scenic Railway)"

Of Scenic Skyway next to the Scenic Railway。Let's at once down to the valley bottom of the Blue Mountains National Park! But is the Railway of the boarding gate、Probably due to go toward everyone the same direction、Whether should I with without thinking anything。


Map of Scenic Railway (Scenic Railway)

But nor is it intended as say map、Yacht that I tried to put the time being as until now。I wonder if will not be noted here (laughs)


Railway to stop

Yes Railway landing arrival! ...... I was a little while ago also wrote because only do I keep up to everyone。But who Datte anxiety you may proceed to mark the red mark on a photo below right。

Skyway visible from the Railway landing。Maybe That is a guy who had just we ride。

Skyway with Three Sisters! ! I always look to such a feeling it from here。

Three Sisters ZOOM IN! !


I arrived at the boarding gate, but ......

It is a boarding gate! Ridden anymore if scan the ticket in this bar code。Skyway also Naa's smooth There is only came early in the morning I was so 🙂

...... and glad he also fleeting、After passing under the gate was made of a large matrix 😥 I'm a landing that is reflected in the image、In fact, in still in on the first floor、From the stairs to the bottom will he side-by-side Innovation "Zura over over over over over over!" ......

so、But is now the time 11:20。Now、I wonder if it is possible to ride after many minutes ーーー! ! ! ? ? ?

Nde everyone free time doing self-take Toka various。Thus say Pashapasha around I also 📷

Way、It and Railway The Scenic Railway is having the most inclined in the world。Seriously do you fear! ? 😯 I heard I had been used for mine originally ~ Fumufumu ~

so、It came up to the entrance gate and finally down the stairs。But now the time 11:28。For? Quite flow - Is not it good 😮 This is likely to ride faster? ?

Just because the Skyway had come back。Yes Yes、Since the ride in the Skyway is the first one as talk in the previous article、I was able to video shoot encamped with no that window location。Whether you can take that place。This just is not helpless because luck。Yourself Do I luck was good 😆

Next ride people like this can be divided into blocks by。I'm important is how best to take the left-hand side。Because I wanted to take the best in obstinacy left、Everyone is just in you are standing around Innovation Vocational、It was location Toka lot of adjustment on a par。

It is not going to ride in order to open the door like this。I'm want to avoid the middle if anyway?

Somehow there has been such objects。But I wonder may be probably sitting。


Finally boarding the Railway!

Finally over, which has come your turn! Tax've done videos that everyone has finished riding in the photo! ! So brilliantly I was able to GET the front side that you boarded leisurely 🙂

Front of the eye is made want to see a screen door。Ah、I wonder now of what time Speaking。Fumufumu 11:50Is。30Minute wait it was high。...... I wonder if is ridiculous matrix When you come to the Toka noon This is made

Fuffuffu ...... yea ...... I guys we only have to wait until we come back、I wait for really quite Since this single-wire。

so、I took the video from here。We also believe that if you try to up video Once Well access number has increased quite。For comparison、Although slope is the world's most rapidly、I was not at all scared because down extremely slowly。


It finished the Railway

Three Sisters appear in front of the eye down the Railway。Still、Still ...... I'll do Tadoritsuke is over there

Ride time was not even 5 minutes。It is quickly valley bottom。w probably too many people who are teamed up foot in the luggage next to in Anyway ...... margin Naa you doing crazy free is the side to climb the reverse

ORPHAN ROCK! ! That uncle I guess I'm what took I mean?

Now、From now to the Walkway。

Railway exit。Exit at this。


The next step is rolling up a walk in the forest in the walk-way!

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