Take a walk through "University of Melbourne" which ranks first in Australia!

I'm taking a walk around the University of Melbourne, which I finally arrived in the rain。


Location of the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is located in the northern part of downtown Melbourne。Unfortunately it is outside the free tram area、It ’s a distance that you can walk enough.。The recommended route is via the Carlton Gardens as introduced in this article.。

To the World Heritage Site "Royal Exhibition Hall and Carlton Gardens" in central Melbourne


Stroll around the University of Melbourne

When you enter the grounds of the University of Melbourne、Large Melbourne paint on the ground。”Australia’s #1 University”Although it is written large、It ’s a strong appeal that it ’s the best university in Australia.。In Japan, the University of Tokyo does not make such an overt top appeal,、This area is truly overseas。

sports Center。There is only a general university, so naturally there is also a sports center。

Signals on the premises。

Is this a playground?。It's wide but no one。I think it was raining after all

Trinity College(Trinity College)。When going to the University of Melbourne from Japan、You need to complete a college preparation course called the Foundation Coast。The foundation course seems to be running at this Trinity College。

For comparison、I also completed the foundation course to enroll in a university in the UK、It seems that Australia has adopted the same system.。

There are many greens on the campus。

This is Ormond College(Ormond College)。It seems that it is also used as a student dormitory。It seems like a college that can be used as a residence like Trinity College。

After all there is no one in the playground。But、The rain is getting weaker little by little。

Australian Joint Church。There is a church inside the university too.

The Melbourne Cemetery directly in front of the North Exit of the University of Melbourne。It's right near the university...

Around the perimeter of the University of Melbourne。

Ormond College I saw earlier。This is like the main gate of this college。

And here is the main gate of Trinity College。

The gate was open, but it was difficult to enter, so here。

Grainger Museum。It seems to be a museum of famous musicians in Australia。It's a little-known person in Japan。It seems that he was also active as an educator。

This is also like another college。It is similar to England in that it has many colleges。For example,、In England, Cambridge University has 31 colleges、Oxford University consists of 38 colleges。

Brain Research Center, University of Melbourne。It seems that this building was built in 2011 to spend 225 million yen for researching brain related diseases such as Alzheimer's disease。

At the very end, I found a map of the University of Melbourne...

There were hop-on hop-off buses around the University of Melbourne.。Probably going to Melbourne Zoo via this University of Melbourne。

Australian flag!

The weather was bad, so I was on the run、This ends the sightseeing at the University of Melbourne。Next time I will continue to sightseeing in Melbourne。

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