I went to Australia University ranking 1st place "Melbourne University" on foot

I knew from the Carlton Gardens that the University of Melbourne was close, so I decided to walk。However、I was worried about the rain、The story that I was hit by pain。


Walking map "From Carlton Garden to University of Melbourne"

The University of Melbourne is less than 500 meters from the north end of the Carlton Gardens。Originally, I was planning to walk for a few minutes, but... Well, let's say that story in the text.。

The route introduced this time、Depart from the Carlton Gardens and stop at Lygon Court, a small shopping area on your way to the west exit of the University of Melbourne。


From Carlton Garden to Lygon Court

I saw a City SightSeeing bus on the way.。Hop-on Hop-off bus that runs only tourist attractions。Good access like Melbourne、And I don't think there is much need to use it in a safe town.。

Intersection where you went west from Carlton Gardens and hit the main street。The rain is getting stronger、Everyone walking is holding an umbrella。

It's just a covered street, so head north while avoiding rain.。

The noise of the rain became loud, so when I looked at the road, the terrible splash of water was rising。

Even if you wait a few minutes。I can no longer get out from under the roof。

The intersection looks like this。The rain was running down the road 😯

Walk under the roof and avoid the rain!


Lygon Court

I couldn't see the roof over the intersection, so、I went to a place called Lygon Court along the street to kill time for a while。It was like a small shopping area with boutiques and supermarkets。

This NOVA is a movie theater。It seems that there aren't many people today。

This is Woolworths。It’s a supermarket you see every so often in Australia.。However, the price range is cheaper for Coles。


After seeing the moment when the rain stopped, I went to the University of Melbourne

Because the rain was a little weaker than before、Now to the University of Melbourne。The rain was still heavy, so everyone was holding an umbrella。

Water accumulated on the shoulder。How heavy it was。

After walking for a while, you can see Gate 1 of University of Melbourne。It was only 500m、I'm so tired...


Next time, I will search the campus of the University of Melbourne!

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