Ross cemetery - I went to (Ross Anglican Cemetery) "loss Village" tourist ⑤ ~

Still likely to be the time until the bus。By I、We decided to try coming back from the loss women prisoners prison until the people of Los cemetery without returning to the bus stop。I think that pretty was good try to actually go。Since the loss cemetery is at a slightly higher、It's seen the landscape, such as overlooking the entire loss Village。

...... climb the hill while dragging rumbling a suitcase It was quite hard(^^;)


Walking map "Ross Cemetery (Ross Anglican Cemetery)"

Via the loss cemetery from women prisoners prison、Range until the loss Unification Church a little roundabout presented in this article。From to go to Ross Cemetery、I have done up to quite far away because I wanted overlooking the entire loss village from where a little high。

I distance walked in from the scale of the map'm not so much、Because it was the first as described "hill riddled & bad road and lasting suitcase" I used quite physical strength 💦


From Los women prisoners prison to Los cemetery

Out of the loss women prisoners prison and go to the right。Because you know and look toward the right of the image there is a guide plate I "To The Original Burial Ground"、If all goes to this arrow as OK!

Previous article "Black history "loss women prisoners prison (Ross Female Factory)" of Tasmania - "loss Village" tourist ④ ~It is a place that was introduced in "。

There is a line and straight cut through the road。”LOOK FOR TRAIN”I have written I、I wonder if you really through Nante train?

Single-mindedly climb the narrow slope。In fact, in here pretty tight。Because、Nde ground has not been paved ...... not move rumbling so I think the suitcase

It has climbed up to here。You loss the Unification Church is seen in the distance。I love this kind of landscape。Place the suitcase beside、Calm just a little。

Here is a cinch Nde asphalt。Entrance the left side of the loss cemetery。


What's loss cemetery

Ross cemetery, which finally arrived。Ross village of brochure Toka even here landscape look good。It's hard to be transmitted in the photograph、360-degree panoramic nature landscape from here is the best part! When I visited in Los village、It is a place where I want by all means stop by 🙂

Hana is affixed to some of the grave。It is still active in the grave。


Sheep of the flock that was found in Los Angeles cemetery

Things to be worried about in front of the eyes If you get a loss cemetery 😕 something is moving white object is restless

Cry me "Meme" I heard a lot of approaches。I thought it was a goat、It feels like sheep 🐑 shaved hair。It seems security cameras are watching so that they can not snatch the sheep's us。

Cute sheep。Was Sawagidashi "Meme" further in a loud voice while looking toward the here you approach。I'm sorry、I do not have bait 😥

Again wander said goodbye to sheep。But it seems to be to go to another cemetery and exit here。Through by I Na or the other grave good


Detour in order to enjoy the loss village landscape

Walk all the way to the right from out of the loss cemetery。I went there towards the left since merged with another road after a while。It is the direction of the photo。

Walking has been the road is like this。It has been pretty down。

The road up to here。Not enter because it is private land from here。Funny Do ~、Although he supposed was followed by the way towards the earlier it's map。

Try to look around towards the loss village from here because there is no way。The other really great outdoors。It this feeling is not transmitted to the absolute 's photo。I rolled was impressed to come to Tasmania 😉

Vast lawn。Here we enjoy the great outdoors again 😆


Back to the Los woman prisoner prison

Now、Let's soon return to the people of Los village。Ross women prisoners prison if cross the line that immediately。

Huge truck went past the horizontal in the middle。I'm wondering whether the beginning tow truck、Has been the cry I "Meme" a large amount of from inside the car。It was often seen Once the sheep 🐑 transport vehicles。Indeed sheep powerhouse Australia!

Ross women prisoners prison and the loss Unification Church has looked。once、Go to the front of the Los women prisoners prison。


Shortcut from the loss women prisoners prison until the loss Unification Church

I came back again。Now we will cut through here。

Dedicated shortcut walk up to the loss Unification Church。The so-called shortcut。Easy to walk to the road has also been paved。

Not a bother even though rolling suitcase because asphalt I Squiggle are you doing 😆

The last 😥 not be helped that there is up stairs in I thought was outright climb to lift by hand。

Los Unification Church arrival ~! Now、I have cut the remaining one hour until the bus departs。


Next time loss Unification Church and Ross Bridge of times。

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