Black history "loss women prisoners prison (Ross Female Factory)" of Tasmania - "loss Village" tourist ④ ~

Let's exhausted go the loss village from corner to corner because some four hours and a half。It is the loss women prisoners prison time in that。Women factory (Female Factory) The titular of the actual women prisoners prison。Once upon a time、By the time it was still Australia British colony、Tasmania seems to have been a penal colony of prisoners、Toka was even place this loss village women prisoners to be sent in the。

Prison that remains even now can be viewed for free。Now、Slurping and ...... dragging a carry bag


Map of Los village

Women prisoners prison is located in the place towards the Four Corners with a loss city hall intently to the east。You will see on the right side walk along the Beaufront Road from Bridge Street。Although it has a shortcut to go from the back streets of Los Unification Church、It also introduced in the next article。I do not troubled at all people of the rental car because there is a parking lot in front of the eye。


Los woman factory

Return from Los village bakery up again towards the bus stop、Turn left at the Four Corners。

This sign is to the right when you see。Because it is written I ROSS FEMALE FACTORY SITE only go to labeling street!

The middle there was a funny doll。Crow except? ?

Through the side of the line Mars。By the way, here is the railway was not seen for a once passes through。It was examined prima facie whether to take the train from Hobart before coming here、1970Railway from economic reasons to age seemed was abolished。Still line is I'm still not be destroyed Hey ......


Arrival in Los woman factory

While walking and large site on the right side is de ----- down! ! Here it is the loss women prisoners prison。Vast and popular no than had expected something。

The large natural Tasmania。Medium 's not seen landscape in Tokyo。There of the building is seems to become a museum。

Proviso of a Close your gate is always。None also not have kept the animal in the square of the separate site would be why 😕

No one at the entrance。Some of the gate this a poster only。Business hours are 9:00~17:00。I guess I got to or close or over the key that time only come janitor? Or、Or Let's enter into the time being -


Tour of the loss women prisoners prison

The road that leads to the back。It has been opened door leading to the other side of the square。

I tried to enter the room。Is it the room that the old days women prisoners was working。

In this loss woman prisoner prison、It seems women prisoners and their children committed a crime had been living。Because Tasmania is wool thriving、Sewing as the main work、Washing and cleaning、It seems to have been strong and other chores。

This is the time floor plan。Churches and nursing facilities、Are such as workplace is located。There it seems to be Toka room that still use do not know。I guess the record at the time does not remain only in fragmentary。

Another room。Room in which mainly record of the United Kingdom introduced。

Responsibilities of the staff? ? Physician Dr which was in here at that time. It seems that Irvine was noted in 1884。Not bring myself to read the truly be a record this many pages here。Yes、Go the next room! !

Like the bonnet was a prisoner women and children of testimony。It seems that people have made me Laura McClelland, who lived in Northern Ireland。

Things here that describes the eating habits of prisoners。It can be seen that had been forced to extremely frugal life。

The building was a Visitor's book。We've got people often visited unexpectedly。Anyway I also tried to fill 🙂


Ross women prisoners prison Square

Out of the back door。Once freed felt from the gloomy air!

There is room to put from outside softening。I wonder if at the time of the prisoner room?

Here Nante rock wall yan ...... winter Toka Truly cold likely 😥

Building as seen from the back of the square。When you do this from know the old days of cruel circumstances softening、Something emotional。

Even so, the vast wilderness。Once upon a time people who work here would've been looking at this landscape in any feelings。


Now、Individual tourism is up to here! Next time, let's towards the loss cemetery!

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