~ From London tourism - Piccadilly Circus to Kings Cross

It arrived at Euston station from Liverpool、...... So it was refused admission Once it is stopped by the British Museum while rolling a carry case、By I re-challenge at the next opportunity、This time, Leicester Square from Piccadilly Circus、Covent Garden、British Museum、If the tourism to Kings Cross Station via the Russell Square。

It will head to King's Cross station at the root of the above figure but little has been messy。Like a around the Piccadilly line on foot?

From suddenly Piccadilly Circus Station。Suddenly the image of Eros。In fact, this is a rumor that his brother Anterosu of twins rather than Eros image。Against Eros that the wings of birds、That because Anterosu's wings of a butterfly。

There are many odd without people。Truly world center。Although Times Square in New York are also many people in the center of the world、City comprehensive strength ranking of the world is always the center because London is the first place here is in the world! (Mantra

I tried to once taken a lot of angle。Or groupie tourists 😆

Piccadilly Circus from Leicester Square side。I was waiting for the timing cars and people are less。It was very been obstructed by the London bus 😯

The middle of the watch such thing as Swiss Glockenspiel (Swiss Glockenspiel)。The number of bell whopping 27! Glockenspiel of business hours、On weekdays 12:00、17:00、18:00、19:00、20:00。Holiday 12:00、14:00、15:00、16:00、17:00、18:00、19:00、20:00。Now the time is 13:15Past。Well、I can not wait to truly。

Christmas market is acclaimed held in the Hilton sponsored by Russell Square。It is a tremendous crowd。

These are in。It is a common European the appearance that drinking beer can be seen more from the daytime。

Interesting it was written on the signboard。Wonder if that if translate maliciously me, "When you have finished drinking quickly Sare" 😉

Yes、I left quickly。Here is FRiDAYS。It is a hamburger of the world chain。In Japan, the Toka Ikebukuro guy。Price is quite high。

To Leicester Square Station。

Morning of HIPPODROME CASINO。Introduced in another article (London article of the night) For more information on this。

Leicester Square Station。Than good Once you have a little more beautiful、I think。Because the tourist destination of centers。

Well Innovation we will head to Covent Garden。

Yes arrival。We are soon arrived Nde station next to。

There was no little time you hurry to the British Museum。Therefore Covent Garden is to visit again in the middle of the night。

The immediate vicinity of the Royal Opera House from Covent Garden (Royal Opera House)。sleeping Beauty、Queen of the Fairies、There performance track record, such as Carmen。The current so this building is the third generation。

Motown (MOTOWN)。Famous autobiography of Berry Godi Jr. in the musical, which is based。This person is big enough to have Hall of Fame in lock。

We arrived at the British Museum。The bus stop is here。But I've been walking Well。If you come by subway nearest station is Holborn station。I station of Covent Garden and Russell Square intermediate in the Piccadilly line。

Now what is the admission!

Elevation ーーー! ! Main gate past was over! ! By the way, there is a belongings inspection after this。It is confirmed the mid-open bag Toka all。And if to say of me、Why just OK just showed a little at a bag。Who in response to smiling in "Ali Gatougozaimashita" and broken Japanese。that? I wonder was found me why Japanese to London Chinese often? 😕

Notice of the entrance of the stairs。by the way、I feel like there was no Nante belongings inspection when I visited the old days。And Does it became severely from so terrorism occurs。

The entrance is crowded。Narrow entrance to the habit of the huge museum。In fact, since there is only a visit time of 15 minutes in a hurry you Tour of came at once。

Shop entrance close proximity to。But there is an image that is quiet I Museum of the shop truly British Museum。It Ann lively。

Staircase leading to the upper floor。From But First of all the first floor。

After all, would this saloon Speaking of the British Museum。Seems has been exhibited South Africa is a natural art as a special exhibition now。

Go ahead since there is no time。Africa!

Rosetta Stone。This was found immediately I did not changed the old days and location。I am especially famous exhibit also in the British Museum。Important stone that triggered to understand the hieroglyphs of Egypt。Characters that are written here、Sacred character (hieroglyphics)、People character (Demotic)、3 types of Greek character。

Moai moai mower over Lee

It has gathered something。

...... it was just a corpse

I tried looking down the central hall。In this way the British Museum has been arranged exhibition room so as to surround the center of the hall。

Attention because there was a car exhibition。Paint African-style? But like a massage not popular。

Code of Hammurabi much is to exit because had passed 15 minutes I wanted to find。Since going to the King's Cross train station across the street to the north of the exit。Bust was there。Edward VII?

Donation box。Ah、British Museum but I had forgotten to say is Admission free。Let's donation If you are satisfied because it consists in a donation!

Export。By the way, it is not possible to enter also is able to get out of here。By the way, 10 years ago, we were able to enter through the back door。I wonder I became severely now。

Russell Square as soon as it exits the British Museum。Weekdays crowded with students of the University of London。


It is a quiet park。But not palm leaves too much?

Guide map of the park。It is clean compartment maintenance? It should be noted。Feeding should be prohibited to play ball and bird。It is a quiet park (said twice

Subway sign of Russell Square Station。I did not find a station even looked around、I asked the location of the station to people passing by、The right side street of the HSBC told me to go straight。20I'm feel like I walked m or more、Such as we like to have easy a little longer to understand。

This bus stop。Is to King's Cross station I'm now one。

We decided to walk Well。Arrival to Euston station。It was taken care of when I went to Liverpool。

And from Euston Station heading to Kings Cross Station British Library (British Library) made things。This presence was not bought known。London museum I was there is that you have visited the old days with a name similar to the British Museum、Is a rainy day British Library? Pachimon。

Respectable British Library in what mind。I wanted to go if you have time。Rush ahead now。

Before the shooting the garden of the British Library in commemoration 🙂

Soon the destination。Here is the St. Pancras station。That clock tower on the other side and King's Cross Station。

Yes arrival。


Next time will go from the night of King's Cross station to Tower Bridge!

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