High-class luxury inn "Kawaguchiko Onsenji Yumeden" ① ~ Facility introduction ~

Recently, I introduced only hot spring inns in Shizuoka prefecture.、Sometimes I change my mood and in the neighboring prefecture of Yamanashi。If you were looking at a ryokan around Lake Kawaguchi from Lake Yamanaka、Because it is an inn with a suite room that has just been renewed,Kawaguchiko Onsenji Open-air bath inn YumedenI found an inn called。

All rooms are inns with an open-air bath、If you wish, you can also use the large communal bath at a nearby hotel.。It is a ryokan that can be recommended for those who like large communal baths.。


Location of "Kawaguchiko Onsenji Open-air Bath Inn Yumeden"

About 1.6km from the nearest station, Kawaguchiko Station。You can walk、Yumeden has a free pick-up service。Like other high-class inns here、Meet by private car instead of minibus。The model will be Toyota's luxury wagon Vellfire。

I couldn't get on because it was a private car、If you visit by train, please use it.。


Entrance of "Kawaguchiko Onsenji Open-air Bath Inn Yumeden"

From the direction of Kawaguchiko Station, there is an inn at the corner of the intersection just before Kawaguchiko Ohashi.。It ’s just a hot spring temple、It may be difficult to understand because it is a small building。

There is a parking lot for guests in front of the entrance、There was also charging of electric vehicles (EV vehicles)。As soon as the car entered the parking lot, the inn came out and brought my luggage.。

Go through the entrance and enter the site。The building on the right is a normal room。All suites will be in the main building with a reception。The "Aoi no Ma" where I am staying this time is a suite room, so it will be the room on the main building side.。

On-site pond。I visited in early December, just past the autumn leaves.、I could still see the trees dyed a little red。

This is the entrance。The building is reminiscent of the Taisho era。This ryokan seems to be aimed at people with such good old Japanese tastes.、Part of the interior has been renewed around 2020 and is very clean.。That is Aoi no Ma and the dining room where I plan to stay this time.、Let me introduce it in the next and subsequent articles。


Front lobby of "Kawaguchiko Onsenji Open-air Bath Inn Yumeden"

Put your shoes in the shoe box with the tag of each suite and go up to the front desk.。Check-in is done in the room, not at the front desk。I arrived before check-in on this day、Thank you for your concern to relax in the room until check-in time。

Personally, rather than check-in at the front desk、It's better to check in the room while having tea on the tatami mat.。

Sofa in the front lobby。I used this at the time of check-out。

It's a decoration that looks like Kawaguchiko Onsenji 🙂

A passage leading from the front to Aoi。It's a renewal space from here、The floor and walls were as beautiful as a new construction。The left wall of the photo is the old building、The right wall is a new building。

From here on, I will introduce it after the next article.。


Night view of "Kawaguchiko Onsenji Open-air Bath Inn Yumeden"

It was winter, but I wore it tightly and went out under the cold sky。First Entrance。The autumn leaves were beautifully lit up。

There were torches on both sides of the entrance.、The fire wasn't on that day。

The entrance gate that I forgot to take when I came。

There is a different atmosphere from the daytime。

The pond is also lit up like this。

I went to a building with a normal room away because it was a good time。It seems that rooms are arranged on the left and right of such a corridor。

Main building。Unfortunately the tree has died a lot,、Even so, the remaining autumn leaves shine.

Because it has withered、In a sense, dry garden。This may be fine with this。


This is the end of the facility introduction。Next time, I will introduce the luxury suite "Aoi no Ma"!

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