From Devonport, take the Spirit of Tasmania to Melbourne! ③

Let's continue to continue to introduce the inside of the Spirit of Tasmania in the previous article。This time it ’s a bedroom for 4 people in 1 room.。


Room area

Room areas are located on both sides of such a very narrow road。Sometimes I pass by people、Even if you come across a foreigner with a wide shoulder, it is wide enough to walk normally。

2As for the private room and the quadruple room, the rooms are assigned separately for men and women.、Men and women never come together。Moreover、The area is divided。The only passage on the screen is the man's room.。Since it is not off limits as an area、Women may walk here、On the contrary, a man can walk in the women's area.。

so、There are times when I'm worried about the men's area ...Body odor is tough」。Disagreeable、I've always heard that many foreigners smell、I experienced Moro this time。

It's a shared room, so the smell in the room is pretty tough.、It has leaked into the aisle。I envy the women's area because it didn't smell at all ...


4Inside a room for one person

The room is not very large。There is one desk like this、Feeling that two bunk beds are arranged。There were few outlets,、I remember that there were as many as the number of people。If you are uneasy, you should bring a multi-tap.。



Not an elongated type that you put in your home、Such a compact type is a must-have for overseas travel。It is especially useful when traveling with a family, so it is recommended.。


shower room

The room has a shower room。I'm happy with the bed I can lie down on、This time I chose a room because I wanted this shower。With the cheapest plan roomless reclining seat、I can't take a shower。

Face towels and bath towels are available for each person。

It's a shower。The water flow is not bad、Warm water came out properly。However、When using the shower in a shared room、Some people go to bed early、I think it's a good idea to take a shower early when you leave.。

Even in my room, there was a person who slept right after leaving、Others were also careful and used the shower early。


Arrive in Melbourne the next morning

When I woke up, I was just about to arrive in Melbourne。I slept well。You can see Melbourne illuminated by the morning sun in the distance.。

The morning sun reflected from the ferry to the sea is refreshing!

The inside of the ship is quiet unlike yesterday。Everyone was lined up at the ferry exit, so I wandered around the ship to kill time.。

The game corner that was so popular is also rattled。As expected no one was playing 😆


Disembark from Spirit of Tasmania

When I headed to the landing after the announcement on the ship, I was able to get out immediately.。This is Melbourne!

The person who left the luggage seems to go out after receiving it like an airplane。I only had a small suitcase, so just go to the exit。

Waiting place。This is wider than the facility on the Devonport side of Tasmania。

Now、From here head to Melbourne。There was also a tram、I have enough time so I will walk to downtown Melbourne while pulling my suitcase.。However、I'm a little worried about the weather 😥


Next time, I'll show you the way from Spirit of Tasmania to Melbourne!

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