I tried walked while rolling suitcase from Port Melbourne to city center

Arrived in Port Melbourne off the Spirit of Tasmania。Although initially I thought that trying to use the tram、Sometimes so early the morning that time also is sufficient、Decided to walk to the Melbourne city center! Although I turn of affairs was Ayashika'、...... most after two days was a corner somehow without rain、It always had to be hit by heavy rain。


Walking map "Melbourne from Port Melbourne city (From Port Melbourne to Melbourne down town)."

Distance of the map root of the above is about 3km。In fact walked 4 ~ 5km since walked from there to the hotel。The road is easy to understand in the only walk on the tram along the line by a single road。It is safe because hardly walk even car street。


Out of the Port Melbourne (Port Melbourne)

When we arrived in Port Melbourne、Already charter bus two parked。Tourists will to go to leisurely city ride from here to the bus。Continue straight past the side of the bus。

Tram that appear in front of the hall。Myki Card to ride(Mikey card)Opal Card of the place referred to in Sydney that(Oparu card)You will need to purchase a。In issuing fee for this card is $ 6、1When the ride times$4.30。so、Since the upper limit of the day is $ 8.60、2It will be that even $ 8.60 to ride it more than riding times。

Although、For Melbourne city is running a free tram、It would be less to ride the tram as long as not a dare go errands was to a great extent away。

Here Spirit of Tasmania of nearest station "Beacon Cove Station"。If you want to ease Let's now take the tram!


Depart Port Melbourne

Now、I will walk immediately。None that get lost because only walk along the tram。It has also been paved with Chan like this way。

Tram departed at the same time is back。Although you'll get to Melbourne city in a few minutes if ride to this。

Tearfully you see off the tram 😥


Burari walk journey the tram along the line of the park

Park is spread on the tram wayside。Likely overflowing with children who are ball play you were daytime atmosphere。

Quickly arrived at the next station, "Graham Street Station"。It is quite short interval of one stop。

No one one person。By the way now of time in the morning 7:00It is before 😛

Note of the so bike is not too out of the speed on the ground。Is a traveler that there is no matter to me。

Here quite trouble is that。I wonder I was not become so much care about so far。Very noisy creatures and walking came flying around the around my face。You somehow know? This insect is said to be in Australia in large quantities will occur。So ......This flies

Australia I flies had heard from before coming is talk of a large number are for dry areas are often, but、It would be why You did not mind at all in Sydney and Tasmania。

Goes forward with the aim of high-rise buildings that appear in front of the eye while shake off a fly! For comparison、Flies in Melbourne was never was worrisome in addition to this morning。I guess climate was bad just of timing


It came into sight! Melbourne city

Montague駅。It has become increasingly higher surrounding buildings。

I wonder was supposed to walk the place great ......

Restaurant vehicle had stopped。It's also in foreign countries such for me。

The line to the right we aim to Melbourne while over the left。

Southbank Tram Depot駅。Station located just under the elevated。Melbourne is a stone's throw if you come again to here!

Once the road and tell the tram and the farewell was spread。

Finally arrived! Australia's second largest city Melbourne!


Also the next in Melbourne city tour。


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